10 Social Media Predictions for 2015

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10 Social Media Predictions [Disclaimer] These predictions are intended for entertainment purposes only. The owner of this site accepts no responsibility for lost time or investments due to any prediction failing to materialize.

“The future is like a corridor into which we can see only by the light coming from behind.” ~ Edward Weyer Jr

The accuracy of your prediction depends on your knowledge of history. Past events are the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup.

The trick is knowing how to interpret them or, fooling people into believing you do.

The Lunch Bunch gazed into the crystal ball this week and shared their social media predictions and wishes for 2015. 

(This post  is only a summary of our discussion. There’s more detail in the video below. I included timestamps so you can link to that specific point in the show.)


Social Media Predictions

1/ More integration of offline and online marketing.

Jess lead off the prediction with everyone will carry a “I am amazing” badge”. (1m:00s)

I predict that Jess will continue to sparkle in 2015.

But she did go on to say that business will integrate their offline and online marketing. Smaller business that are all digital will go a bit more physical. 

2/ Businesses will converse more and promote less on social networks.

Randy predicts that businesses will finally understand the need to encourage people to talk and quit throwing content out there but use the medium to communicate and engage. Stop promoting products and use the space more collaboratively. Decrease in prioritizing numbers of followers. (2m:00s) 

3/ Video will be more ubiquitous on social media.

As it does, people will become more skilled using it in large part to the amount of free apps available to do web-based editing and video capturing. There will also be more need as wearable technology including Google Glass and body cams become more popular.

Scott who runs The Scott Treatment and does the trailers for the Lunch Bunch shows,  goes on to compare it to the early days of word processing when only experts could do it. Now everybody does it. (4m:00s) 

4/ Companies will tap into their own employees as advocates

My prediction is that more companies will reach beyond the marketing department and encourage their employees to post on social media as brand advocates at the same time building their own personal brands. It’s a strategy much encouraged on Google+ – lead with your personal profile. (7m:54s) 

5/ Fewer Small Business Pages on Social Media Platforms

Randy attributes this to the high cost of running them. They’re not realizing the return on equity and investment they’re putting on them. (9m:30s)

6/ Facebook will be adding more features

Videos, improved search and other features will be added to build momentum and capture more personal users that in turn will attract more advertisers. (11m11s) 

7/ Small Businesses will leave Facebook

Part of the reason Facebook is adding features and tweaking their search capabilities is to attract bigger businesses who can afford to pay for reach. Facebook is a media company. Small companies were sold on Facebook because it was free. That’s no longer the case. (15m:06s)

8/ Online Communities Local Business will continue to grow in importance

As smaller companies increasingly understand that marketing and networking online should mirror what you do in real life, they will seek out Communities that already offer a commonality of interest. They’ll focus on nurturing relationship within them as opposed to trying to reach out to the internet.(19m:44s) 

9/ Google+ will not disappear but will break up

Google+ as much as it’s loved by those who use the platform regularly, hasn’t been the success Google hoped for. That’s not to say it doesn’t hold a valuable spot in the Google ecosystem, but it has failed to capture a wide fan base.

There are three major areas on entry to Google+: G+ Hangouts (YouTube), Photos and the G+ Platform. Each has it’s own technology and appeal. I would include Gmail & Google Drive but they are already separate.

While maintaining Google+’s entity as the social layer (which few understood) Google will make each service a separate component. You’ll be able to log directly into Google Photos for instance. (21m:20s) 

10/ Social Media will simplify the user experience

Small and medium-sized business are going through a simplification process as the level of content and the option that are before us become more overwhelming. Those that simplify, will win. Focus on product not marketing. Work on being a better company. (23m:00s)


The Lunch Bunch wish that…

  • The rate of internet (social media) evolution will slow down (12m:00s)
  • Organizations use their human potential. Liberate employees to they care freer to express themselves on social media. (13m:57s)
  • Everyone stop believing that everything they read or see on social media. And be civil. (25m:00s)



Ray’s Google Plus Wish List: 

1 Google+ will never be Facebook, better to target those that want a content creation, video conferencing, photo display and networking platform for people who want to meet new people with similar interests..

Wish: Hire markers to let the world at large know how great Google+ is.

2 The platform is too complex. The learning curve too long. Build for people, not engineers. Would your grandmother be able to use it?


3 Related to the above, ease up on the options in Hangouts. Those that use Hangouts are familiar with the third-party apps like Comment Tracker and the Hangout Toolbox. Great apps that unfortunately can’t seem to keep up with Google updates so they often fail. It only takes a couple fails for a company to walk away from Google+. I know. I’ve had several do that.

Wish: Make these features part of Hangouts. 

4 The Google+ platform is the best one for creating and consuming content. We can write long form media rich posts and format almost like an actual blog post. But we can’t without knowing the formatting codes, can’t hyperlink within the post and can’t shorten someone’s name to their first as we can on Facebook. Even the more formal LinkedIn allows that. That’s not very social.

Wish: Move all the blogging features of Blogger over to Google+ so that our posts will look more professional . You index them as web pages already. This will also attract new users.

5 Give the Event page some respect. I’m happy you fixed the auto enable default on the scheduled HOA events, but there’s a lot of interaction that goes on there. That’s the social part.


1.  Treat Event comments like post comments and allow threads so we don’t have to go to the top of the page to reply.

2.  Since HOA are automatically uploaded to YouTube, they are Youtube so migrate the comments to the connected YouTube channel. People are commenting on the video so they should be seen where the video plays.

3. Allow us to switch the video after the live broadcast so we can replace it with the edited version.

What predictions or wishes do you have for 2015?


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