5 Google+ Posts Picks of the Week

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Google Plus Posts of the week

I’ve written a number of posts about the SEO, Content Marketing and networking advantages of Google+ and why your business should be active on the platform.

But there are also personal ones. If your curious, you’ll love Google+. 

Between ‘Caturday’ gifs and ‘Punday’ groans, you can engage with people sharing recipes, philosophies and images galore or duck into a Community to check out the latest news on your particular interest. And do I have to mention Hangouts for their ability to strengthen connections?

As David Amerland says: 

“The joy of the new is always about discovery. Discovering an idea, a person, a connection, learning something that gives us a new way of thinking or helps us join the dots faster. And when we do, then it up to us to make sure we surface the content, that others see it.”

Here’s a sample of favourite posts from the past week.

1. Pushing the Envelope, the G+ Way

posted by David Amerland

 Pushing the Envelope, the Google+ Way

David one of my favourite minds here on Google+ and he also happens to be  an incredibly generous person.

I’ve just finished his book: The Social Media Mind: How Social Media Is Changing Business, Politics and Science and Helps Create a New World Order

which is a compelling look at how social media is changing how we live and work. He just published a new one: Google Semantic Search.

This post is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the uniqueness of this platform.

“We are here because it feels different, strange, empowering, challenging and maybe, even a little bit dangerous. …You need to think and share and interact in ways that reflect who you are even when they challenge other people’s views and beliefs.”  


 2. The Main Differences Between Facebook & Google+

posted by Paul Maplesden

The Main Differences Between Facebook & Google+

This is a good post to pass along to someone who needs to define Google+ by what it’s not. (Sort of like Canadians defining themselves as not Americans).

While I don’t agree with everything here, (Can be argued that Facebook does have personalized search i.e. Graph Search), it does lay out a nice comparison.

The post is written for Google Plus Daily, a super resource for G+ news & updates. 


3. Top 12 Signs You’re Dealing With Trolls (Plus 5 Ways to Deal Them)

posted by Guy Kawasaki 

12 Signs You're Dealing With Trolls If you’re on any social platform, chances are you’ve encountered Trolls. The smile of appreciation that someone has taken the time to leave a comment on your post turns into that look when you open your Christmas gift to find another fruitcake. 

If you’re not sure what a Troll is, Guy spells it out for you.


“#6. Pre-Copernicus.Trolls missed school the day that science class covered Copernicus’s heliocentric model of the universe. Thus, they think that they are the centre of the universe….”

 4. The First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference

posted by Chef Dennis Littley 

First Annual Food Bloggers HOA Conference


Chef Littley held The First Annual (Virtual HOA) Food Bloggers Conference last week, and posted links to all of the hangouts. If you love food and want to know how to use Google+ to promote your passion, circle him now.

Here’s the list of hangouts:(Fixed a couple of url’s from original post) 



Opening Address and Virtual Cocktail Party  

Session 1: Using G+ to Find and Engage with Your Readershipmartin shervington   

Session 2: Developing New Markets thru PodcastingRyan Hanley, Autumn Giles  

Session 3: Gluten Free Recipe DevelopmentJanice Mansfield, Jean Layton, jodi stewart  

Session 4: Increasing your Market Share thru You Tube VideosHilah Johnson, Stephanie Manley, Joshua Berg 

Session 5: How to Make Google Worthy ImagesAdam V. Barnes, Taylor Mathis, Naomi Robinson  

Session 6: The SMO of SEOJoshua Berg, Mark Traphagen 

Session 7: Cookbook Proposals 101 – The Role of the Agent Sally Ekus 

Session 8: G+ Hangouts and what you need to knowRonnie Bincer 

Session 9: Pinterest – The Other Social Media–  Marla Meridith,  Cheryl Sousan, Valerie R. Coffman 

Session 10: Blog Design, Plug-ins and Tech TalkKita Roberts 


5. How Search Works (Infographic)

posted by Dustin W. Stout

How Google Search Works

Dustin shares a link to this 3 part Info-graphic from Google that provides a roadmap of how Google crawls and indexes pages to how the search engine fights spam. 

Some interesting Google Search facts:

  • Google indexes over 100 million gigabytes of data
  • Over 200 factors go into ranking a page
  • Majority of spam removal is automatic.Google examines questionable documents by hand. If they find spam “they take manual action.”


Note: In compiling this, I referred to my “+1” activity log in my settings as well as my Evernote app.

Do you bookmark or save your “must read” posts on Google+?

If so, what method do you use? 




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