5 Ways for Companies to get Social

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We’ve been social since we could grunt and ask what’s for dinner.

Add media and what we get is something that amplifies our grunts.

Many companies focus too much on the media and not enough on the message. They’re tantalized by Twitter and fascinated by Facebook.  Being social is something you do after work and usually with a cocktail. You don’t socialize with customers, you deal with them.

When some social media guy comes along and says you should interact with people online and engage and share content to build a community around your Brand; he might as well be quoting Whitman.

Many companies in the customer service industry forget that clients are to be nurtured, not ignored.  Decades of blasting advertisements to people have alienated the client from the brand. Companies kept their customers at arms length. Interaction was restricted to the guard house i.e. Customer Service desk.


How do you “get social”?

  1. Find someone; a consultant or agency that understands that being social isn’t just about having a Twitter or Facebook profile.
  2. Be social. Are you responsive to all of your stakeholders; clients and staff?
  3. Set out your goals and objectives and be realistic about what resources you can give: time, content creation,monitoring, promotion.
  4. Listen to what is already being said about you and your competitors, then join the conversations.
  5. Find someone on your staff to lead your social media strategy leaving yourself available to guide and contribute content.
Enter the Social Media Revolution

Communities can’t exist without communication. Before the Industrial Revolution sent everyone to cities in search of factory work, the majority of people lived in small villages and farms scattered throughout the country. Rural populations vastly outnumbered urban ones.

People knew everyone in their immediate area. If someone or some business couldn’t be trusted, the only choice for them was to leave. Word that you suck got around very quickly.


The Social media revolution brings us back full circle.

After nearly two centuries of being talked to and sold to by governments and businesses, people now have the ability to talk back. Everyone can have their voice heard and they do – everyday – by the millions.

Revolution – Latin revolution “a turn around”


People love to complain but they also love to refer their friends to businesses they like. It reflects their good taste.  They don’t mind investing their time with their favourite brands. But if those brands don’t give them return on that investment, they’ll turn to their friends for referrals to others that will. You want to be that company that friends refer other friends to.

And as Mitch Joel says: “Make sure your product is what it is and does what you say it does.”

Can you name a small business that does social media right?

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  1. Great piece, Ray! I absolutely agree. I am also curious if there are some examples of small businesses who are doing it really well out there.


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