Boost your online business with the power of Google Plus

ray-profile is the  a place to find answers to how Google Plus can help you:

  • Find followers most likely to do business with you
  • Build your online authority and trust
  • Grow an active and engaged community around your Brand
  • Get your content found
  • Lead people to your website

As a social business strategist, I advise clients not to put all their eggs in one social networking basket.

All social networks have their place in a S.M.A.R.T. marketing strategy. Google+ is Google 2.0.

Interested in finding out more about Google+?

On this site, you’ll find blog posts and resources to help you get started. More importantly, if you’re really serious about pumping up your business with Google+, you can contact me directly.

“Ray Hiltz is my reference when it comes to Google+. As a consultant, his approach is impeccable, constantly bringing in line our business needs and objectives.”

~Micheline Bourque (Marketing sur Mesure)

From Show Business to Social Business

I didn’t start out being a Google+ advocate, in fact I didn't start my life thinking much about marketing at all.

I left my hometown of Moncton New Brunswick right after high school to find fame and fortune as a Musical Theatre performer. That didn’t work out so well.

After managing a theatre company for a few years, I moved from night shift deliveries of donuts to Tim Horton shops to managing my own restaurants and back again to managing performing arts companies.

It was after a reluctant introduction to social media via Twitter and Facebook that I had my epiphany. Social media could make business social.

Business is social, always has been, even before the technology existed.

This reality dovetailed into Google’s work to make the web more semantic and and search more contextual.

Google wants to know that you are who you say you are and do what you say you do. it created Google+ as an entity engine.

Once it connects who you are with the content you create, Google can give you an “Authority” rank that will determine how you show up in search.

It’s all based on trust.

Just like in real life.

Google Plus Me

I’ve been an active user of Google+ for over three years. I’ve written over a hundred articles on Google+ on my site as well as and

I’ve  hosted over sixty Hangout On Air Shows (#GPlusLunchBunch) and published over a hundred weekly Google+ Tips Newsletters. (subscribe here)

I’m an officially recognized Google+ Ambassador by Google.

I’ve given live presentations on social media and Google Plus at Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie Québec (ITHQ), Université de Montréal, Sun Life Assurance, MEEX Networking Event and Social Media Breakfast Montreal.

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