Are You Creating Evergreen Content?

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Evergreen Content Relevance

The #RayBunch decided to spring into Spring this week by discussing “Evergreen Content”.

There are many reasons to create this kind of content, among them:

– niche authority

– remaining in front of your audience

– becoming a reference

– Google search

What is “Evergreen Content?

As the name implies, it’s content that’s always relevant – be it written, audio or video.

I asked each of our “bunch” to define evergreen content through the lens of their own specialties:

Jessica Dewell – Business Development

B.L.Ochman – Digital Strategist and Google Plus Specialist

Randy Bowden – Marketing and Branding Consultant

Scott Scowcroft – Video Content Recycler “The Scott Treatment”


It was interesting to hear the different nuances that each gave to the definition.

During the show, we discussed the importannce of having a “niche” to build this content around.


What kinds of posts lend themselves to being “evergreen:

– How-to posts and tutorials

– Historical posts and origin stories

– Encyclopedic posts and informational posts

– Resource lists of curated content / Top tips

– Answers to industry FAQs


Another way to come up with evergreen content is to repurpose older content that you perhaps never intended to be evergreen.

You do this by:

– removing date references

– update images if necessary and check alt tags on them

– correct any specific references to tools or technology that may have changed

– change format from blog to slide share, video or podcast

Ask yourself if you’d still find value in the post six months down the road.



It Ain’t Easy Being Green (Full Video Edit)


Below are video excerpts (2 min) of each of our panelist’s take on the topic.


What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is “timeless”. It represents, our voice, our personality. Whatever is changing around us, it will still be useful.

It adds longevity to a brand. 

How do we generate evergreen content for a company?

Find a way to mix and match  “How to” and “thinking” content then publish them on different media.

There is no one formula for every single business.Click To Tweet



What’s the Advantage to Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content helps you build an audience that relies on you for stuff that’s not just of the moment.

While you want to be newsworthy, you want to have content that can help them today as well as well as next year if they come back and reference it.

Even content you created a while ago can be updated and reposted.

Tip: Check images on your old posts. Often they don’t render any longer.

Details will change, platforms will change, but how you engage with people is not going to change.Click To Tweet

Writing about how people engage is evergreen.

There is a lot of evergreen content on Google+ and the key is the judicious use of hashtags.



How Important is Evergreen Content to branding?

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t grow old quickly.

Important to find a niche even within your specialty.

If you’re focussed on whatever that niche is and you’re writing in a very active voice about that and your writing is strong, people are going to follow you.

You won’t have to worry about being found.

If you align your brand to your content, you'll attract the right audience.Click To Tweet


How Do You Create Evergreen Content from HOA (Hangout On Air) Videos

HOAs (Hangouts On Air) can rarely be evergreen given the usual production values due to lack of resources.

The way to make them evergreen is to edit them, removing extraneous moments, flaws, and dated material.

Another way to make the content timeless is to repurpose the video by creating short topic centric video excerpts and blog posts.

The RayBunch Takeout Ep 71


Each week on the #RayBunch show, we reserve the last five minutes to share links and tips relating to the day’s topic.

These could be links to articles, videos or social media posts that we think will help you dive deeper into the topic.

This week, the topic was Fifty Shades of Green – How to Grow Evergreen Content


Here are the links included in our Take-Out:

1. 11 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content Into New Media by Rebekah Radice 

2. The Complete List of Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Blog by Kevan Lee

3. 17 Ideas on How to Do Clever Content Marketing  by Jeff Bullas

4. Create Evergreen Content by

5. The Art of Evergreening HOAs by Scott Scowcroft


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