Be an Expert or Go Home

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never become so much an expert that you stop gaining expertise


Eric Enge told us to “Be an expert or go home”.

He said this on last week’s Plus Your Business! HOA: What You Need to Know About Google Search Now where he shared the guest seat with Mark Traphagen. (The show, hosted by martin shervington is full of wonderful content. I recommend it highly.)

The show is about the changing face of Google search. Eric and Mark shared tips on the type of content needed to rank well and the relationship between links, shares and search results.

Eric also used said the same thing in an article he wrote for Copyblogger a couple of years ago: 21 Reasons You Must Become an Expert.

He predicted then that there would be a dramatic shakeout as Google rewards quality content that addresses users needs and punishes outdated SEO tactics like keyword stuffing.

If you’ve been paying attention to Google search changes, semantic search and the importance of local SEO, you will agree that search is becoming more organic, less about tactics and more about relationships.

Here is a sampling from the 21 reasons Eric gives for being an expert.:

  • Search engines are making a clear shift in favor of quality
  • No one cares what you think if you aren’t an expert
  • People trust experts — People are more likely to believe your opinion when you know more.
Keep marketing human. Digital marketing happens within a living organization. ~ Mark Traphagen Click To Tweet

The tagline for the Ray2Go Show is “Human Digital Marketing”.

Treat people the same online as we do in life. 

human digital marketing

This seems to be the biggest challenge for businesses.

The internet and specifically social media allows us to return to the village market where we know experts personally.

We build relationships and trust with them through friend recommendations and good business experience.

The #RayBunch did a show on the topic of experts last Spring (seems so far away now.) Do You Call Yourself an Expert?

While that show focussed on the personal choice of referring to yourself as an expert or not, this show looks at how to prove yourself as an expert.

Whether you strive to be a global expert on international financing or an expert in personal finance, you’re not an expert unless people say you are.

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