Rays Marketing Digest / Storytelling, B2B, SEO, SnapChat

Gravity love quote

  Marketing has everything to with communication and something to do with advertising. Communication is the sending and…

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Rays Marketing Digest / Tools, Content, Twitter, Video, B2B

Communication problem

This post represents the 178th time I’ve published a weekly marketing digest. It began as a weekly Google+…

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Rays Marketing Monday Digest

A weekly curation of posts featuring insights and tips for content, social media, video and Google+ marketing.

Google Plus is New – Is it improved

New Google Plus

  Do you prefer the classic Google Plus or the new Google Plus? Not that it matters as…

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Rays Marketing Roundup |Google, SEO, Social Media

Gratitude Newsletter Nov 28th

This week’s marketing roundup: Google Plus News – Google+ Is More Popular Than You Think Written by Chase…

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Do You Support Your Favorite Content Creators On Patreon

Patreon Blogging

Do you use ‘Patreon’ to show appreciation for the content produced by your favorite marketers? Do you subscribe…

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Rays Marketing Roundup | New Google Plus, Content Strategy, SEO

This week’s marketing roundup: The New Google Plus – Thoughts, Links and resources  Content Marketing – Step-by-step guide…

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How Do You Feel About Empathy?

Evil lack of Empathy

“Empathy is the ability to identify with and vicariously experience the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes of someone else.”…

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This Weeks Marketing Roundup|SEO, Content, FB Freebooting

Dancing insane music - Marketing Roundup Nov 14 2015

This week’s marketing roundup: Content Marketing – Is Gated Content a Necessary Evil? [Case Studies + Optimization Tips] – By…

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Are You Giving It Away For Free?

Giving Free Advice

Do you give away free samples of your work? How many times have you’ve been invited to a…

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