Can Google+ Drive Social Business?

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This year I’ve decided to focus on two of my passions; Google+ and Social Business. I want to marry the two to see what their offspring would be like.

I publish a lot of content about social media, social business, social branding, etc..  Most people who read my posts also write about the same things.

Today I learned that there are 181,000 Social Media ‘Gurus’, ‘Marketers’, ‘Mavens’ And ‘Ninjas’ On Twitter.

That’s over 9 million posts and shares in a year or almost 26,000 a day.

As a small fish in this big Social Media ocean, how do I make a difference?

It’s a Nemo worthy challenge. 

iMac Keyboard Google+ Blog Post


As much as I love talking shop with peers and appreciate their support and validation, my job is to convert; to make companies see the social light; yes, to make them a born again business.


Google dominates the web in search, video, and business “cloud” applications. Because all of it’s properties are or soon will be integrated with its half billion strong Google+ social network, I want to explore how a small to medium sized company can become a “social business” using Google+ as its social engine.


Despite the size of Google, I find reaching my targeted audience easier there. It’s a combination of the advantage of being able to organize people in “circles” and finding them in topic specific communities.

While people I engage with on Google+ represent all kinds of businesses, the majority are other “so-biz” people. Google+ generates more leads and after Twitter, more traffic to my blog than any other platform.

The Industrial Revolution was powered by steam engines, the New Revolution is powered by social technologies. twitter


As John Jantsch says in his recent post: The Far Reaching Implications of The Social Business Model:

Connection is now possible with anyone.

Collaboration is now possible everywhere.

Community is now possible with everyone.

The true social business model involves anyone, everyone, everywhere


Google+ is the only social/business platform that enables us to connect, collaborate and build community with anyone, everyone, everywhere.

Social media is revolutionary because the technology that has made them possible changed the business model we’ve had in place for 150 years; a model that was formed from the most successful organization of the time – the army.


Social businesses are people centred, not process centredtwitter


Google+ Social Business CommunityI’m creating a Google+ Community of people interested in discussing how we can encourage small and medium sized businesses to think past their Facebook Page and use social media to bring the benefits of collaboration and innovation to their companies.

The Community is focussed on Google+ and Social Business and features general discussions, case studies and shared content.


It’s a private Community but can be found in searches so that if someone is interested, they can request membership.  I prefer smaller, more engaged networks, so I’m leaning towards keeping the numbers manageable, perhaps capping off at 50.


Please let me know if you’d be interested in joining.

And if you’re not, I’d be grateful to hear your ideas (or examples) of how you persuade SMB’s to take their social media strategy to the next level.

Economic theory and industrial management practice see workers as a cost. A social business, wanting to increase productivity, has to consider knowledge workers as a capital asset. There is a huge difference.
Costs need to be reduced, but assets need to be made to grow. –  Esko Kilpi

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5 Responses to “Can Google+ Drive Social Business?”

  1. connectyou

    Three things that are important to me: Connection, Collaboration & Community.
    I’ve not been in love with Google+, but I’m certainly feeling more “google love” as time goes on, as some of the functions have been improved, they are richer and have more benefits than other social networks, and….time heals.  😉
    I’d love to be a part of your G+ community!
    Thanks for always providing value,

    • connectyou Thanks Keri. And I appreciate your being “open-minded” about Google+.
      As much as I’m an evangelist for the platform, I recognize that it’s a young platform, though integral to an establish company.
      There are growing pains. There are many features I’d like to see added an/or improved. Each platform has it’s strengths. I just think G+ has more strengths than the others.
      I appreciate your interest in the Community. I’m taking time with this because I want to make sure it’s focussed on the subject of Google+ and SMB’s and includes people wanting to explore ways of improving their business using G+ (Google).
      Your expertise would be a valuable addition. I’ll put you in the circle and let you know when it launches.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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