Google Plus

It’s impossible to escape the Google+ vs Facebook question.
This is becoming even more the case as the news about Google+ Pages spreads. And evidently, it’s spreading pretty rapidly.

Although this amazing post by one of the best G+ resources in my circles, Gabriel Vasile has been shared extensively, I’d like everyone to have an opportunity to read it. (I’m talking to my non G+ friends 😉

Google+ has finally launched its brand pages. So what does it allow you to do – and is it worth your time?
I think Google+ Hangouts is a key factor that differentiates Google+ Business Pages from Facebook Pages.

There was much hoopla on Monday when Google+ started unrolling its Business pages…finally!
That feature, along with a general API release (still forthcoming), was the most anticipated move since Google+ appeared on the scene on June 28th.
What does this mean for businesses who have invested a lot of resources nurturing their Facebook Pages?
Not much, for the time being, anyway.

Regardless of those naysayers, I think Google is getting it right with Google+. Sure there’s a lot left to do – expand API’s, roll out the business application and integrate more Google apps. But it’s barely six months old.

There’s a lot of great features that Google Plus has besides being a great social platform. Here’s a few tips that you can use to help your productivity.