Social Business

Is the term “personal branding” a misnomer? When we work on our personal branding strategy, are we marketing who we are or what we do?
If you want to see a reflection of who you are, your computer monitor and not your mirror may be the place to look.

The hard thing about being social is that we don’t know what that is. Is it an adjective…

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“Are you repainting the walls, when you have a serious crack in the foundation?”
The essence of a social business is: listening to what customers and employees are saying, responding to them in a timely manner, and being authentic.

Like the cover of a jigsaw puzzle box, we know what our goal is supposed to look like…

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  I blame Facebook for the cheapification of the word “like”. Everyday we’re bombarded with requests to “like”…

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Many companies look at the integration of social into their business as a huge administrative problem when they should look at it as a huge business opportunity.

Are you an entrepreneur or an “intrapreneur”?
Intrapreneurs aren’t to be confused with “keeners”, the ones that organize the lottery pools, echoes the boss’s declarations and walks past your desk with a permanently raised eyebrow.

Is divulging your political bias in a blog post or giving your opinion on current issues alienating potential clients?

With an overwhelming choice of social media platforms, management tools and applications, how do you begin to know where to start in creating your own social business strategy?

It’s no surprise that small business is overwhelmed by the choices of new and newly improved social media platforms and under resourced when it comes to finding time to manage them.
This is where the elephant parable comes in – “one bite at a time”.
And that first bite should be a big mouthful of “social”.