Social Business

The marketing and media pundits say that the talk about social media has turned from “what” to “how”.
Integrating social into your business is more than knowing how to set up a Facebook or Twitter account.

Creating the social business uses technology, but it is not a technology project. “Your business is people”.

Fundamentally we’re all social animals, right?
So why the aversion to the word social in business?

In this video, I look at three leadership characteristics that I feel are important to nurture as I continue my journey as a Solo-Preneur.

Customer service has devolved to such an extent that caring for clients morphed into just coping with clients.
Social media is changing that.

Social isn’t something you add to your business, it’s something you integrate into it.
Making time for social is making time for your business.

What keeps us from moving beyond our comfort zone? Fear.
I recently re-read a blog post by Gini Dietrich where she said that the persistant excuses that CEO’s give for not having a presence online comes from fear.

Today, I signed up for Small Biz Success Summit 2012 and am looking forward very much to it. These summits are both dense with content and great for networking with companies and individuals who share an interest in using social media to improve their brand and bottom line.

Being a social business isn’t some rainbow & unicorn ideal. It’s real and it’s the future. The change isn’t being led by computer geeks, but by people who aren’t content to be passive consumers any longer.

Every company has a culture, no matter how big or small. You may not have consciously created it, but through your decisions, your actions, your attitude, you formed the “personality” of your business.