Social Business

The way we do business is changing.
We live in a time where the line between private and public is ambiguous, where human connections, not business ones propel companies towards being “social”.

Not that long ago, I worked in theatre, both as a performer then later as an administrator. When…

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Do you complain about customer service?
Too easy, right?
I could as well have asked, do you eat?
Bad customer service really pisses me off. And not just because it’s an irritant that causes me stress, lost time and on occasion, lost money.

We all communicate, right? It’s like breathing.
But if we stop breathing, we die. We stop communicating and what’s the worse that can happen?

Without the ability to project ourselves into the thoughts and feelings of others, it becomes too easy to objectify people; to make them less than us and to see them as obstacles.
The success of social media is a testament to people’s need to “reach out and touch somebody’s hand.” (in the immortal words of Ashford & Simpson)

In this video, I discuss the difficulty some people have with change and some ways to help them get through it.
One of the things I’ve learned from managing staff and clients is that they instinctively say no to change when first approached.

Social media is like those high school objects of affection; very attractive and popular but a bit intimidating.

If you do business with people you should be doing business with social media.

As much as I enjoy going to seminars and listening to professional speakers while watching their creative power point presentations; I find that speaking with people face to face is as educational and usually more enjoyable.

Like many self employed people, I struggle to keep focussed on the tasks at hand. But as anyone who works from home can tell you, the distractions are numerous; especially if you’re a social media consultant who spends much of the day online.