Do You Support Your Favorite Content Creators On Patreon

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Patreon Blogging

Do you use ‘Patreon’ to show appreciation for the content produced by your favorite marketers?

Do you subscribe to their blogs?

Do you always share their posts on social media?

Or, do you take it a big step further and subsidize them through applications like Patreon?

Patreon is like a Kickstarter for people instead of projects and start-ups.

“Podcasters, online show hosts, webcomic artists, musicians, bloggers and other creators can make a regular living by having their fans “subscribe” to them by making monthly payments.”

It’s like a paid subscription only you have flexibility in the amount you give.

We talked about sharing free content many times on the Ray2Go Show.
The question of financial sustainability alway popped up.

Is this something marketers who create content should consider?


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Who is Patreon for?

Patreon currently works well for musicians, youtubers, writers, bloggers, photographers, animators, authors, podcasters, video producers, fashionistas, indie gamers, and even web comic artists.

Creators are making less money due to the free downloading of music, stealing images online and plagiarism.
This is bad enough, but they’re losing it to platforms like Facebook who do little to protect uploaded video content.

Mark Schaefer’s blog post: Content Under Attack…and a Solution inspired this week’s topic.

Mark admits to giving Scott Monty a monthly “gratuity” in appreciation of his content.

While I empathize with artists not getting their due, I struggle with supporting marketers whose blogs are a promotional tool.

But, what can be wrong with showing appreciation for content we enjoy by leaving the creator a monthly stipend?


The Ray2Go Post-Show BLAB

Since Radiohead released their album, “In Rainbows” on their website in 2007, artists have been looking for other pay models.

We have the option of gated content that has become more difficult as social media platforms work hard to keep our content on their platforms.

Does the financial situation of a creative person figure into whether you choose to support them?

Would you give Seth Godin a monthly sponsorship or be more likely to support an unknown writer?

In our post-show Blab, we discuss where in the sales funnel the content is and whether we should support people who add to the saturation of marketing content.

People are willing to pay for a specific product such as a newsletter, webinar or courses, but less likely to do so on an ongoing basis.

Your blog can be a way of creating a loyal audience who then would be willing to support your work.

B.L. Ochman and I also share our views on the new Google+.

Next week, December 1st will be the last Ray2Go Show and Blab of the season.

I hope you can join us.


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B.L. Ochman – Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist:  –  Twitter: @whatsnext

Ray Hiltz – Social Strategist, Google+ Specialist: – Twitter: @rayhiltz

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