Do Your Clients Feel an Emotional Connection to You?

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Can't Compete With Trust


We’re a culture that separates social from work –  emotion from logic.

One of the revelations I experienced from this week’s Ray2Go Show was Randy’s story of how he became a loyal Coca-Cola fan.

Coke Inc has all the resources in the world to create these “lifestyle” ads that pull at our heart-strings. Think the polar bears and “I want to Teach the World To Sing”.

Yet, it was the Coke salesmen who serviced Randy’s Grandfather’s General Store that formed his brand loyalty.

The personal service given to his appreciative grandfather made a lifelong impression.

The memories of the visiting Coke salesmen wove themselves in the emotional fabric of boyhood nostalgia.

Wouldn’t it be great if our followers felt that level of loyalty to our brand?

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The role of emotion in decision-making.

How often have we heard that we shouldn’t let emotions cloud our judgement?

Maybe this is why brands struggle so much with social media.

They hear all the rational reasons for using it as part of their marketing strategy yet, they’re suspicious of mixing social with work.

If they take a step back and look at how they built their business, they will see hours of person to person networking to build reputation and trust.

They don’t see this as marketing.

They see it as just good business.

There are two issues here.

– Anything that gets your brand in front of people is marketing.

– Advertising is one aspect of marketing and since the majority of businesses use social media as advertising platforms, social is synonymous with selling.

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The Ray2Go Post-Show Blab: How to connect emotionally to your audience.

After reaching consensus on the importance of making emotional connections with our audience, the Ray2Go crew took to Blab.

Randy Bowden, Scott Scowcroft, Jessica Dewell and I were joined by Mani Saint Victor, MD in a conversation about the importance emotions play in decision-making, how video can help and the emotional affect of universal healthcare. 😉


The video replay of our post-show Blab:


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The “From Promotion to Emotionstudy found that buyers with a strong emotional tie to your brand are:

– 5 times more likely to consider buying from you

– 13 times more likely to buy, and

– 30 times more likely to pay a premium

A client who feels an emotional connection to you will go out of their way and pay premium prices for your services.

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How do we create emotional connections?

The obvious thing to do is Be Human.

1. Have empathy with customer’s problems and solve them.

2. If you don’t have the answer, find it.

3. Connect on social media and share some of yourself along with tips.

4. Make your content the kind that people will feel good sharing because it reflects well on them and it helps their friends.

5. Offer opportunities like Blab and Hangouts to meet face to face. (Unlike text or video blogging, we communicate on many level, verbal and not when we meet face to face.)


“In the language of the visual web, when we share a video or an image, we’re not just sharing the object, but we’re sharing in the emotional response it creates.” ~ Google’s Abigail Posner



Other resources I found while researching this topic for the show:

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Our Ray2Go Show Panel:

Scott Scowcroft – The ScottTreatment: Twitter: @ScottScowcroft

Randy Bowden – Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm:Twitter: @bowden2bowden

Jessica Dewell – A Business Strategist, Consultant, and Speaker: Twitter: @jess_dewell

B.L. Ochman – Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist:  –  Twitter: @whatsnext

Ray Hiltz – Social Strategist, Google+ Specialist: – Twitter: @rayhiltz

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