Does Ageism exist in Digital Marketing

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not young enough to know everything


If you want to work in Digital Marketing, age unlike size, matters.Click To Tweet

Age may be only a number to you, but for those in a position to hire you, the age you project comes with a lot of baggage. 

Perception is reality.

How others perceive you matters when trying to find work in the digital marketing world.

You may be very tech savvy and have years of life experience, but if you’re not a digital native, chances of getting a job in digital marketing is pretty slim.

The Ray2Go crew discussed ageism in digital marketing this week.

Although four-fifths of the panel are Boomers, the show was not a “whine-a-thon”.

We shared many points of view based on accumulated years of working in and around marketing.

Does ageism exist in the digital marketing space?

What are the options for someone over forty wanting to work in marketing?

Why are “digital immigrants” (born before 1980) left out in the cold?

Some stereotypes that persevere about older workers are:

– They’re too set in their ways

– They’re too expensive to employ

– They’re not tech-savvy

We’re not talking seniors here.

The median age for workers in the tech industry is under 30. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

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A social business that publishes content about intergenerational issues in the workplace is ARCompany, that “analyzes digital conversations to help businesses align with their customers.”

I reached out to Hessie Jones, CEO of the company while doing research for the show.

She and her team put out an informative series of “Think Tank” broadcasts and blog posts.

This quote from Sherree Worrell written in response to the ARCompany article, Have Boomers Lost their Voice? by Amy Tobin, expresses the frustration many Boomers feel about being “invisible”.

“In the general scheme of things, we’re (Boomers) irrelevant. Everyone (Millennials in particular) is mad at us, and wishes we would go away.”

Sherree also touched on something else we talked a lot about in the show.

Boomers: the unintentional entrepreneurs

The 2008-11 recession saw company closures and downsizing that left many people with experienced without jobs.

Any jobs that existed went to younger, less experienced and less costly workers.
Ageism exists in every field but is especially prevalent in the technology field.

View broadcast here: 


From another ARCompany Think Tank:

Some things that work against you if you’re over 40:

– You complain about younger coworkers saying they are lazy, sloppy, self-entitled, and far too needy of feedback and reinforcement.

– You isolate yourself and try to be indispensable

– You read instead of experience

– You aren’t mobile enough

– You don’t act the part –  you don’t embrace change

– You don’t look the part – swap ties and wing-tips for t-shirts and sandals.

After attending my first few pod camps and social media conferences, I stocked my wardrobe with black t-shirts and jeans to fit in.

The Post-Show Blab

What I enjoy about our post-show Blabs is that we expand and add onto the conversation on our show topic.

Co-chair Randy Bowden and I were joined by Scott ScowcroftJessica Dewell Lisa Engles , Chuck Bartok, Jenny Stiven and Jayce.



Do you feel you’ve been discriminated because of your age?

Have you become a “reluctant entrepreneur” because you couldn’t find a job?


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Our Ray2Go Panel:

Scott Scowcroft – The ScottTreatment: Twitter: @ScottScowcroft

Randy Bowden – Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm:Twitter: @bowden2bowden

Jessica Dewell – A Business Strategist, Consultant, and Speaker: Twitter: @jess_dewell

B.L. Ochman – Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist:  –  Twitter: @whatsnext

Ray Hiltz – Social Strategist, Google+ Specialist: – Twitter: @rayhiltz

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