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This ever happen to you?

You’re talking to a client and their response cues a song that plants an earworm in your head?

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Video
Chimps of the Dance

Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat is the current resident of my cranium condo.


On our Google+ Tips Lunch Hangout chat this week, we talked about the Google+ advantages to search rankings and our own experiences.

The consensus was the level of engagement we experienced on Google+ correlated to the amount of time spent there.

You won’t make a dent on Google+ unless you hit it hard.


Posting helpful content and engagement with influencers were pointed out as factors that increased chances of higher search ranking. And SEO is the chief selling feature we pitch to reticent G+ adoptees. 

For an excellent lesson on what PageRank is and how Google+ (and social media, in general) affects SEO, see this: Google Plus Impact on SEO with Mark Traphagen

SEO is supported by the three pillars: “Content”, “Social” and “Links”. So how does a business owner whose priority is running his business find the time to create great content, engage on social platforms and build networks?

1. Look at social media as integral to your business and not as an “add on”.

As SEO specialist,  AJ Kohn said in his article: Build Your Authority not your Author Rank.

“Doing things online that we do in life to build authority, help people, get people excited and want to share…you’re going to create around yourself the signals that Google wants to see.”

Don’t be intimidated by the technology. Treat it as you would a physical “networking” space, like the Rotary Club, the Golf Course or the Pub.

The way to succeed with online networking do it the way you do your real life networking: be authentic, responsive and helpful.

2. Get some help.

Find a consultant to give you a “social check-up”.

Do you have the right “culture” in place?

Do you have the financial and human resources to create content and manage communities?

What is your target market and your USP (Unique Selling Proposal)? (What do you want to say & who do you want to say it to.)

Not all companies can or should be on social media.

If going online pulls focus away from your business priorities and those priorities don’t include an online presence, then it’s best not to “dabble”.

3. Break it up in pieces.

When you need to consult with a vendor or client you don’t book a whole morning for it. You make a call or grab a lunch.

These touch points add up and your relationship matures.

You can have an effective online presence with an hour or two investment in time.

If you’re too busy at work, record a podcast during your commute, hop on to a hangout after dinner.

Most people do their networking outside of work hours.

You’ll also find it more manageable if you restrict your presence to the minimum number of platforms that will accomplish your goals.


If these goals include brand awareness, lead generation and increased revenue, Google+ is a must.

It’s the most comprehensive social business platform we have and one that is increasingly important to use if you want to optimize your search engine ranking.

Google+ is an identity engine, and as the world wide web become increasingly semantic, personal identities and social signals become increasingly important in establishing search rankings.


Finding time to publish content and interact on the web is a question of priorities.

Look at what’s working now and what’s not.

If advertising in the local paper or radio station’s not showing results, move some of that investment into social media.


This is not a one or the other proposition. It’s a one plus the other.

There’s a place for advertising as there is for more traditional forms of marketing.

Business is marketing. Everything else is content.

How do you make time for social media?


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