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Google plus tips of teh week jan 10

In this Issue of Your Google Plus Tips of the Week:

  1. Finding relevant People on Google Plus with Circloscope
  2. Checking Your Google account security and recovery settings
  3. Update to Google My Business (GMB) Guidelines

How to Find relevant People on Google+ with Circloscope

h/t Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh & Christine DeGraff

Circloscope Chrome extension Google Plus Tips Jan 10


You can waste a lot of time on Google+ and easily get frustrated unless you go into it with a goal.

Usually that goal is networking with others who share your interests and have the potential of being a client.

The most efficient way of managing your network on Google+ is to use the Circloscope App.

I’ve referred to it numerous times in the past and as they keep updating it with better features, I discover new and efficient ways to make my circles count. (CircleCount is another super circle tool which is integrated into Circloscope.)

Circloscope has an extensive library of YouTube tutorials.The following screen captures come from: Send Multiple URLs to Circloscope

While there’s a free version, I highly recommend a Pro account which will set you back a whopping $47 a year.  This covers one Google+ Personal profile and 3 business pages.



How to do it:

1. Get the Chrome extension (if you don’t already have it) and make sure you have the latest version. The version I’m working with is Circloscope 2014.12.6

2. Go to your G+Home page and search in one of your circles for a post(s) that has engagement (+1’s, shares, comments) for a topic you’re interested in. You want people in your circles that are active and share.

3. When you find a relevant post, right-click on the timestamp that appears under the person’s name. A menu window will open showing an option to link to Circloscope as a:

General link

Google+ post

(if you want to find engagers of a link or a g+ post, you should use either of the two options above.)

G+ Profile page

(if you want to analyze a profile (i.e. engagers of their last x posts, profile circles, profile followers).

G+ Shared Circle

(if you want to find people in a shared circle)

G+ Community

(if you want to analyze a community (i.e. finding members of a community, finding people who post in a community)

G+ Event

(if you want to analyze an event: who attended, engaged etc. (i.e. queries in the dashboard > events).

Send as many links as you like to Circloscope.

This is a more precise method of finding an individual’s engagers than going directly to their profile and checking their last 40 posts.

Those last posts may have content that doesn’t interest you.

Circloscope menu options - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


Now open Circloscope and choose the query of your choice from Dashboard menu.


Circloscope dashboard - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


Let’s say you want to find engagers of the posts you’ve sent to the Circloscope that you don’t already have in your circles. Once the query dialog box is open, you can see that the first link is automatically added. Click “More” multiple times to add other links from the queue.


Circloscope imported urls - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


After clicking on “ok”, Circloscope will load up the profiles of people who have +1’d, commented on or shared on any of the posts you’ve selected.


Circloscope loading profiles - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


From there, you can filter them before adding to your circles. For example, you can filter out “blueheads” (people who haven’t completed their profiles) or people who don’t share. 

Once you have your final selection, you can choose to add them to an existing circle or create a new one.

For ongoing news on Circloscope, check out the Circloscope Community.


Checking your Google account security and recovery settings

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The cost in stress and dollars will be far less if you tackle security before a breach happens.  

We live in a world where we are tethered to the internet almost 24/7. Every portal we use to get access to the net comes with a risk that others also are trying to enter your domain through the same one.

I’ve use the Google 2-Step Verification method for a long while now and can say that it is well worth the brief inconvenience of having to check for the security code on your cellphone when you log in from a new computer or app.


Google Security - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


2-step verification - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


How To Get To and Use Google Account Settings






 Google My Business Guidelines Updated

H/T Mike Blumenthal

Google Local Pages - Google Plus Tips Jan 10


  • Descriptors of any sort are NOT allowed
  • Categories should be the more specific category and NOT the overarching, general category
  • Increased name and category consistency among multi location chains
  • Two or more brands at the same location must pick one name
  • If Different departments are to have their own page they must have unique categories
  • Practitioner’s pages, in multi location practices should have their name only and not the name of the practice
  • Solo Practitioners only can use the format of Practice: Practitioner
  • Virtual Offices are NOT allowed unless staffed. (If they are staffed then they aren’t virtual are they?


From Official Google Support Site: For best results using Google My Business:

  • Represent your business as it’s consistently represented and recognized in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding.
  • Make sure your address is accurate and precise.
  • Choose the fewest number of categories it takes to describe your overall core business.

Note: Brands, organizations, artists and other online-only businesses should create a brand page instead of a local page. Brand pages follow the Google+ page content guidelines. Learn more about the difference between brand and local pages

Reminder: In order to qualify for a Local Google+ page, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours.


Google+ Tips and topics Community


Community Events

Was thrilled to guest on Wade Harman’s Relationship Marketing Show this week – his first of season 2. It was a great conversation about business, marketing and setting goals.



You can also view it on the Event Page: Season 2 Premier: Getting Started in 2015! and catch past shows on his podcast site: The Relationship Marketing Show

Next week, (January 14th), I’ll be a guest on  James Dearsley’s The Mid-Week Marketing Mix along with Anna Bennett, Kimberly Reynolds, Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki.

We’re pulling up another chair to the Lunch Bunch table next week to welcome B.L. Ochman as a newest regular “Lunch Buncher”.

We’ve enjoyed having “lunch” with B.L. several times this past year. She brings with her a wealth of marketing experience. She hosts her own show: Beyond Social Media Show every Saturday.

Do you need help with your Hangouts On Air or with Google Plus? Contact me here and let’s talk.


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