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In this Issue of Your Google Plus Tips of the Week:

1 – Are You Making These Hangout On Air Mistakes?

2 – 5 Reasons you should be using CircleCount?

3 – How to avoid “Event Spam”


Are You Making These Hangout On Air Mistakes?


Google Plus tips - Hangout mistakes

Ronnie Bincer, the “Hangout Helper” is a familiar name with anyone that spends time on Google+ and uses Hangouts regularly. He’s embarked on a new Hangouts training project: All About Hangouts.

Although this is a paid course, the site has many free tips that he shares regularly.

In addition to being a great value, his marketing is a brilliant example of how to sell a course. The method reflects what social media marketing is all about, building reputation and trust by being generous with your expertise.

Ronnie did this by offering help to anyone that wanted to learn how to run Hangouts On Air (HOAs). As you may know, hangouts (and Google+) aren’t the most intuitive products.

He hosted and guested on many HOAs discussing all aspects of HOA technique and strategy. He appeared on the #RayLunchBunch show last year. The ROI of HOAs

In his video post: Hangouts and Hangouts on Air Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid, Ronnie lists 10 common mistakes.

This is my riff on them: 

1. Not getting the training you need to let your video content shine

There are a lot of technical issues involved in hosting a HOA and no matter how much you may think you know, two things are certain:

1. Things will change.

2. Shit will happen.

2. Not practicing.

Because things will change since the last time you held a HOA, run a practice one before every show. I’ve produced the LunchBunch show for two years and I still open a HOA the morning before the show to check my camera, mic, “lower thirds” etc.

3. Not having a support team

If you’re doing an interview show or moderating a panel, it’s very difficult to focus on the guest while riding volume buttons and checking the Comment Tracker app for audience comments. Find someone to help so you can devote your attention to the message you want to communicate.

4. Not looking at the camera

This is one of the most common and most difficult errors to correct. It’s human nature to look at the person you’re speaking to. Looking down at the film strip disconnects you with the audience AND the guests in the film strip. 

Look at the camera. I constantly check myself from looking down during a show. It takes practice.

5. Not caring about your lighting

Have more light in front of your than behind. Avoid sitting in front of a sunny window. If people can’t see you, they can’t “read” you.

The power of Hangouts is due to them being the second best thing to meeting face to face. Seeing facial expression tells more about you than what you are saying.

Poor lighting also cause your camera to work harder which affects the quality of the video and the audio.

6. Not caring about your internet

You want as much download and upload speed as you can to produce the best video and audio quality. For best results use a computer that has a direct connection via ethernet to the router. Avoid Wi-Fi connections when possible.

Minimum Bandwidth requirements:

For 1:1 connections we suggest a 1 mbps (megabits per second) /1 mbps (up/down)

For group video connectivity we suggest 1 mbps/2 mbps (up/down

This is the absolute minimum. If you do a HOA with more than 4 participants, look for a minimum download connection of 4 mbps

7. Using a slow computer

It takes a good amount of power to make HOAs work especially if you want HD quality. (which you do).

The Processor Minimum Requirements: Any 2 GHz dual core processor or greater.

8. Ignoring your background

Is your audience checking what you have on your bookshelf, making mental notes about the black velvet Elvis Presley print on the wall or when you’ll ever get to folding that pile of laundry that sitting on you credenza?

You don’t want anything distracting the audience from “you”. Your set reflects you. Think of it as part of your branding.

9. Using the built-in microphone and speakers in your HOA

This is especially a bad idea when hosting or appearing in a HOA from a laptop.

Because the speakers are very close to the microphones, the audience will experience an echo and “audio clipping” where the technology tries to compensate for the echo. Good audio more important than good video.

10. Not taking the time to build your audience

Creating Hangouts On Air can be very resource heavy especially in the time needed to do research, invite guests, do graphics etc.. You don’t want to be that falling tree in the forest that nobody hears.

Tap into your communities and build an audience that want to hear and engage with what you have to say before you even do your first public presentation. (Official Google Getting Started with Hangouts On Air Support Page)


Reasons You Should be Checking out CircleCount


Google Plus Circle Count


Plus Your Business is  fantastic resource for Google+ for business tips.

I’ve written about CircleCount features before (Using CircleCount Chrome App to manage G+ comments and Tag Profiles & Pages)

To get started ion CircleCount and get your profile or page tracked, you just need to login with your Google+ Sign In on or add your Google-ID in our start page:


Google Plus CircleCount start page


I just scratched the surface of the service.Nils Tschampel lists 10 “brilliant things” you can do with CircleCount in his post forPlus Your Business.

Here’s 5 of my favourites:

1 – Check your Follower/View/Plusones History

CircleCount tracks only publicly visible numbers on your G+ Profile or  Page. You can check these or other’s numbers regularly.

CircleCount follower hisory

2 – Analyze your public posts

You can order your posts by different metrics, like the number of comments, reshares or plusones.

You see at a glance which posts received more responses and which ones didn’t get any.

CircleCount Analyse posts


3 – Find the Shared Circles you have been included in

Sharing Circles is a way to recommend people and pages you like on Google+. Everyone can create a circle and share it publicly.

You can add such shared circles with just one click to your own circles on Google+.

There is no notification on Google+ when you have been included in such a shared circle so that you do not have a chance to see them all.

Thanking someone who shared you in a circle is a great way to build relationships on Google+.

CircleCount Shared Circles


4 – Use the CircleCount Chrome Extension

With the Chrome Extension of CircleCount you can get additional information on any Google+ profile or page without having to leave Google+.

The hovercard will expand to show the number of followers, the average response on the last posts, the last public post, the country, if the person is following you or not and much more.

CircleCount Chrome extension


5 – Create a world map with your followers

We probably have an idea of where our followers come from, but it’s very cool to see that displayed on a map. It gives you an instant picture of how extensive your reach is.


CircleCount Map


Getting Started with CircleCount – CircleCount Beginner Series Part 1/6



Avoid Event Spam! – How to adjust Google Calendar settings

Google plus tips - Avoid event spam

I get many questions about the inundation of Event notifications appearing in their calendars. The solution is to go to your calendar and adjust your settings.

The image above is from Ronnie Bincer’s post which I embedded below. He’s broadcasting a HOA event on Feb. 5 that will cover who gets alerts, invitations, and notifications to HOA events. Here’s the link.





Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it was helpful. If it was, please share.

If you need help with your Hangouts On Air or with Google Plus, feel free to Email me hangout.


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