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Google+  i/o 2013

The photo above is of Google VP, Vic Gundotra announcing the new and improved Google+ at the I/O Conference.

Yes, I watched it. And yes, I brewed me several pots of coffee in anticipation of the hours I’d spend wrapping my head around the changes.

 Overall, I think they’ve made a wise move to harmonize the Google Now look across all devices.

The new Google+ is all about the Cards.

They’re dynamic and responsive; flipping when you click an auto generated hashtag or moving front and centre when you want to write a post.

Because they reveal so little text, we have to hone our copywriting skills to  be noticed.

As Mike Elgan says:

Google’s new user interface is not anti-writer. It’s pro-reader. (And that’s a good thing for writers.)

I prepared a short SlideShare that gives an overview of the changes with some editorial and tips thrown in.

There are a few glitches such as the Communities welcome page is a mess, but overall, I’m happy with the changes.

Because I’m not a “chat” guy, I’ll have to get used to the new Hangouts which is a glorified Google Talk app. It is a smart move to grab more of the youth market, though.


How do you feel about the changes?

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I bet you can figure what next week’s Hangout topic will be. :-)

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