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I hear complaints all the time that there isn’t an API (Application Programming Interface) available from Google that will allow for the scheduling and automating of posts to Google+.

Yeah, I say!

While there is a limited number of options available such as HootSuite and Engage 121, there is no rush on Google’s part to be a place for “ego-casting or for watering virtual plants” according to Google VP, Bradley Horowitz.

“What Google wants to avoid, it seems, is auto-posting news updates, cross-posted tweets, and other updates it considers to be of low value to its users.” –  Frederic Lardinois


DoShare Screen Capture - Ray Google+


Do Share – Chrome Extension


As a Social Media professional, I understand how being able to share and schedule content to Google+ would be very convenient.

But what makes Google+ such a pleasurable experience for me is that it is “live”.

When someone publishes on their profile or Page, you know that they’re there.

It also dissuades people from the sort of “link vomiting” that we see all too often on Twitter. 


Below is an example of a post that I shared from my HootSuite dashboard. Remember that you can only post to your Google+ Brand Page.

Given the highly visual interface of G+, how do you think this post would compete for eyeballs on someone’s feed?



Now look at the same post shared from Do Share.
It’s somewhat better. At least there’s an image and some text.

Ideally, you should add commentary and make the image as large as possible. See my post: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Google+ Posts for details.

Here’s an example with a short comment and some basic formatting added. i.e. use of bold.

It was also a scheduled post. Note that the layout looks the same as a regular shared link post on Google+.


NewRayCom Google from Do Share


Here are some Do Share features as listed on their site:

do share

Write and schedule your Google+ profile and Business posts

Easily share links to Google+ from any tab on Google Chrome

Supports sharing to Google+ communities

Supports Hashtag autocomplete

Includes a distraction free rich text editor

Allows you to share a comment from the Google+ stream

Supports Multiple Google login


You can share links from any tab on Google Chrome, from a Google+ post or anywhere there’s a Google+ API (share +1 button)


DoShare Denis Labelle Capture
Screen Shot 2013-01-03  Tech Crunch
Do Share to  your Communities

You manage posts and sharing options the same as you do directly on Google+.

This means that you can share to Circles, individuals and Communities.

But like on the G+ platform, you can’t share to Communities AND Circles & individuals.


From their G+ Page:

How to use: When selecting circles to share with, scroll to the bottom of the list of circles. Do Share will list your communities at the bottom of the list where you can choose them. Once you choose a community, you will be shown a list of the community’s categories. Select a category to post in, and it will be selected as the post’s audience.

Note: As Google+ only allows you to post to either circles or to a community, Do Share will remove any circles you have selected once you select a community to post to.


Writing a post on Do Share is very similar to writing one directly on Google+, maybe easier, since you can choose where to post it without having to switch users.

Formatting is also simpler.


When I want to write a meaty post, I often write the draft on Do Share then come back later to finish and post it live or schedule.

There are so many features to this tool that I suggest you visit their Google+ page to keep updated.


How do you manage your Google+ posting?


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