How to Use Semantic Search to Grow Your Business

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How to Use Semantic Search to Grow Your Business

It’s been nearly a year since David Amerland joined us around the #RayLunchBunch table.

He had just published Google Semantic Search.

My follow up post, How Semantic Search Affects Your Marketing featured seven questions David answered relating to the impact of semantic search on traditional SEO and marketing.

“Whether you’re a person doing business or a business doing business, people need to understand your character, your personality, your shared values, where you’re operating, and why you’re doing certain things in a very personal way.”


On this visit to the Lunch Bunch table, David shares practical tips from his new book: SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that will Help your Business Grow

Below are six short video excerpts from the show (under 3 minutes each) that have David answering questions put forward by Jessica Dewell, B.L. Ochman and Scott Scowcroft and me – the #RayLunchBunch.


Why are Brands increasing their SEO Budgets? 

On a recent episode of The Marketing Companion podcast, Mark Schaefer referenced an article in Adage that reported brands are increasing their SEO budgets considerably in the last year.

This in spite of “SEO is dead” posts populating our Twitter streams since the Google Hummingbird roll out.

David points out that Semantic Search being relatively new, it’s still scaling.

Traditional SEO still works well enough for companies to justify it. Companies won’t change until they have to.


Why People are Resisting Google Plus?

B.L. Ochman asks David why people are so resistant to Google+ when he points out in his book, that it’s the only viable shortcut left to us on the Semantic web. 

David points out that as a tool, Google+ is not intuitive.

If you go to Facebook, you will know how to use it in a day or two. If you’re new to Google+, it may take you a month or more to begin getting familiar with it.

It has a lot of dense layers that takes time to unpack. Also Google+ resists automation.  You really have to use a personal voice to have it pay off.

How Do We Combine Brand and Personal Voice?

Jessica Dewell wonders how we close the gap between what the Brand communicates and what the person speaking for the Brand does.

David responds that it’s a matter of resonance.

People are very comfortable speaking to other people as individuals.

But when asked to speak on behalf of a company, people clam up and adopt an “official” persona.


Who Presents the Human Face of the Company?

Given the importance of personalizing your brand, how does a company decide who will be its human face? 

In a smaller company, it would be that person most suited, willing or most comfortable to step up. As for large companies, think Richard Branson of Virgin.

His personality is imprinted on all aspects of the company. The answer to what makes you different informs everything you do as a business.


What is Content That Sucks?

In his book, David emphasizes the importance of building Trust, Authority and Reputation online.

You do this by making sure your content doesn’t suck.

Of course the flip side to that is another other cliché, be awesome!

What is “sucky” content?

David – Content that sucks is content that makes you feel you’ve lost time you’ll never get back by reading/viewing or listening to it.

Awesome content can change the way you see things, or can be functional in that it answers a specific question.


How Do I Make My Content Stand Out?

Scott Scowcroft asks David:

If we publish content that answers questions, (as we should) and if those questions have already been answered by many people, won’t ours just be redundant and ignored?


How to Use Semantic Search to Grow Your Business

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