Improve Search Results With Your Google+ Profile

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Be found on Google search with G+ Profiles
Sunset Boulevard (1950)

One of my favourite lines from the cinema belongs to Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson).

Joe Gillis: You’re Norma Desmond. You used to be in silent pictures. You used to be big.

Norma Desmond: I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.”

Well, Norma, now we’re all big, or have the potential to be and the pictures?  They can fit on your sunglasses.

Unlike Hollywood Studios, we run our own publicity departments.

Our goal isn’t to make the headlines on the front page of the newspaper, but to rank first on the front page of Google search results.  

The best way to do that is to be active on Google+.

Google treats Google+ profile and pages just like “regular” web sites when it comes to search.”Mark Traphagen


How to Optimize Your Google+ Profile

Give us your ID and photo, please.


Ray Hiltz Hover Card G+ search

Employment section Ray Hiltz G+ Profile

This may seem obvious but the basics of improving your search SERP ranking is to be a known and trusted source on the internet.

No one is going to follow you let alone link to your page if they:

(1) can’t see who you are and

(2) can’t learn anything about you.


The recent changes to Profile Page Cover images gives us a large canvas to work with.

But the most important part of that canvas is your profile shot.

Make sure your face is easily seen and centred. A smile wouldn’t hurt – unless you’re branding yourself as a curmudgeon, then snarl away.

Tell us your story.


Optimize Google search G+ Profile Page

The recent Profile page updates also changed the “About” section.

It’s in a much cleaner card format that makes it easier to scan over the work, education and bio sections.


The obvious SEO strategy here is to use relevant keywords.

The less obvious one, is to make sure your tagline and employment fields are filled in.

These appear on the hover card that pops up when someone slides or “hovers” their mouse over your name.


While the number of followers doesn’t have much of an impact on your ranking, the quality of followers does.

So you want to make it as easy as possible for “influencers” to circle you.


Fill your “Contributor to” Section

… after establishing your “Google Authorship”.


Optimize search with Authorship


What is “authorship” and why should you care?

Essentially, it’s a way for Google to verify that you are indeed the author of the post that appears on their SERP’s. (Search Engine Results Page)


An HTML markup (Rel=Author), it allows you to associate your content with your Google+ profile thereby verifying you as the author on your site as well as any other that you write posts for.

(As long as those sites allow you to link your Google+ profile also.)

You get a “rich snippet” that shows your Google+ profile photo next to your article which not only makes it stand out but has been shown to improve “clicks” by as much as 150%.


Structured Data Testing Tool Google Search Optimization

For all things Google Authorship, check out:

Google Authorship and Author Rank Community 


Link your Google+ profile to the content you create

Structured Data Testing Tool


And finally…Tell us where you are.

Google+ Places Google search Optimization G+ Profiles

Fill in your location details as this will affect local search results.

This is especially important if you’ve a Google+ Local Page.

Besides, sharing where you lived opens the doors to more conversations and more connections on Google+.

For information regarding the SEO power of Google+ and “authorship” I highly recommend you circle Mark Traphagen.

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3 Responses to “Improve Search Results With Your Google+ Profile”

  1. nathanweaver

    I’d been slacking on the Authorship thing for ages. After reading this, it served as a reminder, and I kicked myself in the seat. Went and jumped on it. Thanks, Ray!

  2. connectyou

    Nice job, Ray!  The Google Authorship will be key coming up.  Too many people are not hopping on board.
    Way to inform…  🙂

    • connectyou Thanks, Keri.
      It will play an ever increasing role as search engines place more value on content for their rankings.


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