Is Google Plus Still Relevant to Marketers

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 Is Google Plus Still in the Game?

The Ray2Go Show explored the ramifications of changes Google made to their “social layer” this week.

Given nearly everyone on the panel had invested a lot of time on Google Plus, it wasn’t a surprise that it cited a lively discussion.

Is there still a business case to be made for using Google+ as part of your marketing mix?

There is, especially if:

a. You already have a strong footprint on the platform with an engaged community

b. Your business is “local” in which case you have (or should have) a Google My Business page set up.


View the Video replay here:

Is Google Plus Still in the Game
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Have All Your Eggs Fallen out of the Google+ Basket?

Every day brings new social media platforms, new tools, and apps. But the hours remains the same. 

We have to make choices.

Which platforms will suit your strategy the best?

Which app will save you the most time?

When I joined the first wave of Google+ users, the platform seemed a “one-stop marketing shop”.

 – Great content publishing platform

– SEO advantages

– CRM via Circles

– Authenticity via authorship and “real names” policy

– Video chat and conferencing

– Superior image and video rendering

– Network building via Communities

– Frictionless collaboration via Google Drive and YouTube

“If you were on Google, you were on Google Plus.”


The look of the platform impressed me – ad-free, a clean layout, limitless post size and the best image rendering.

Add to that, hangout chats followed by Hangouts on Air.

I became a Google+ evangelist. One could even say, ambassador.

The in April 2014, the air was let out when the biggest enthusiast of all, Vic Gundotra left Google and the death rumours began.

Having invested so much into G+, it was hard not to take these endless negative articles personally and I often found myself defendingGoolge+.

Anyone who experienced a dysfunctional relationship may relate.

I realize I committed the most basic of mistakes – I put all my eggs in one basket.

And my eggs were falling through the holes left by the un-weaving of Google Plus.


Listen to the Soundcloud audio version here: 


I’m not alone.

Ryan Hanley revealed he’s redirecting his time into creating content on his own properties while dialling down time and energy spent on all social media platforms.

You can read about his journey on his post: How Perception Became Reality and I Had to Breakup with Google+

Last week, Stephan Hovnanian wrote that one of the reasons he’s giving up his very successful Community: Google+ for Small Business  is that G+ is rented space. 


There have been recent posts written by peers who followed a parallel journey on Google+ and are now distancing themselves from it.

I won’t leave Google entirely.

I’ve built a wonderful community of friends here and the stream is still the best for creating mixed media content.

There are SEO advantages, especially in “Private (personalized)” searches.  

You will show up in your network’s SERPS (with your image) on the search results of people who are actively engaged with you on Google+.


Watch the Post-Show Blab here.

Ray2Go Ep 4 Blab Card
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  1. Ray, thanks for saying this out loud. I’ve been afraid G+ has been a waste of time. I was an early and enthusiastic adopter of GoogleWave but after that became orphaned, I wasn’t too quick to fully embrace GooglePlus. Seems that was a good decision. I really wanted it to be ‘the next Facebook’ for business but without some changes, this doesn’t seem likely.

    • It’s unfortunate the “social experiment” failed. As I’ve said Ad nauseam, Google doesn’t do “social” or marketing, for that matter. I still am on the platform, just changed my strategy. O’m using Collections more and I still love the UI with it’s lack of ads and formatting flexibility. But that’s not enough to draw people. Thanks for stopping by.


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