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It’s one thing to put something aside to read later. It’s quite another to remember where you had put it.

When I was a kid, my Mom was fond of putting things away for good.

I wasn’t sure whether that meant putting them away forever or putting them to keep them good.

Everyday I come across content that I don’t want to lose.

I tried bookmarking sites like, using my browser favorites and Google Bookmarks. Inevitably, I dessert them and all the links they contain because they become so unwieldy that I forget what I was looking for before I get halfway through the list. Yes, I can hear you– “but organize your stuff in folders, Ray!”

That’s work.


plus oneto the rescue!


Just after opening my account on Google+, I discovered some cool ways to keep track of the great content that I find online and in my G+ streams.

The first tip is to use the +1 button.

Ray Hiltz - Google Plus +1 tab
















Every time you click on a +1 icon anywhere on the web, you are doing a few things.

You giving the article a thumbs up, much like a “Facebook “like” button and recommending it to your friends.

You’re helping that site rank a bit better in search ranking AND, if you have a Google+ page, you’re bookmarking that article on your profile page.

As you can see with the screen shot above, all the links that I have “+1’d” on outside sites are listed under the +1 tab on my profile page. – You can choose to share this tab or keep it private.

The reason I specify outside sites is that this doesn’t work for posts inside your Google+ stream.

Send your Favourite posts to Evernote!

As you know, you can circle people in Google+. But you can also share posts that you want to read later or “keep for good” in their own circle for future reference.

I’m a big fan of Evernote. I use it almost daily to, yes, write notes, but also to file videos and links that I want to later access to.

When I’m logged into my Google+ account and see posts in my stream that I want to keep for research, I share them to my “SharetoEvernote” circle.


Ray Hiltz Google+ Share2Evernote circle

I created this circle but instead of putting a group of people in it, I only I just put one person in it. Well, not really a person – my special Evernote email address.

Here’s the basic steps: (From

1. Get hold of your Evernote email address. If you login to Evernote at it will be on your settings page – “account info”

2. Log in to Google+ and click the Circles page.

3. Click the new circle.

4. Name your new Circle “Evernote” or whatever you like. I named mine “Share2Evernote”.

5. Click add a new person and insert your Evernote email address.

6. Once you have added the email address, click “Create circle with 1 person”.

Because your Evernote circle is essentially an email entity, make sure you check the box: also email 1 person not yet using Google+ (as shown in the above screen shot).


Ray Hiltz Google+ Share2Evernote circle 2


Using Circles to bookmark G+ posts.


As I said earlier, the +1 tab only works for links outside of Google+.

So how do we keep posts that we  want to read later that we see in our Google+ streams?

Here’s a couple suggestions:

1. As with the Evernote circle, create a “Read it Later Circle” and just put yourself in it. When you come across a post you want to keep, share it with only yourself. Sounds a bit selfish, doesn’t it?

2. Or, as I do, I share things to my “Share2Evernote” circle but don’t check the email box. The posts remain there and I don’t need to add more clutter by creating yet another circle.

Hope this helps.

Have you any other suggestions for organizing your “keep for good” posts?


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