Mark Schaefer: Content Marketing Workshop (Interview)

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   Mark Schaefer Content Marketing Interview

   Mark Schaefer is coming to Montreal!

   He will be giving a content marketing workshop that will show us how we can Cut Through the Clutter to get our content noticed.

   Content marketing and Influence is the blog buzz of the moment. You can’t open a page without tripping over these keywords.


Mark addressed these topics in his books, Return On Infuence, a look at the power of KLOUT, social scoring and influence marketing and Born to Blog (with Stanford A. Smith) that didn’t address content marketing specifically, but did show us how to create valuable content through blogging. (affiliate links)


Mark said that he wanted us to leave this workshop with knowing… 

  • why we should do content marketing.
  • how to create content that resonates and ignites.
  • what the nuts and bolts are of using content as an inbound marketing strategy.
  • and the fundamentals of strategy development


I had the pleasure of doing this short interview with Mark just before he flew off to Japan.

After proclaiming his love for Montreal and jazz, we moved on to the subject of content marketing.

Content Marketing Workshop - Mark Schaefer
Click on image to play video.

Here’s a summary. Watch the video for the complete interview. It’s less than 13 min. and I suck at transcribing.


I started with a question that has stuck in my craw since I first read it on a Mitch Joel post: The Content Crash and repeated in Mark’s post: What comes after content marketing? 

Is content is the new advertising?



The dynamics of the advertising industry today is an ongoing debate.

Traditional ways of advertising is going away so what’s the alternative? 

The big theme at the recent SXSW was:

“What’s the new advertising?”

The consensus was to turn to content because people are ignoring ads.  A way had to be found to embed messages in content. 

“People tend to block out ads. I don’t want them to block out content. We’re heading into a world where I think there’s going to be some creative tension.”

Can content marketing level the playing field?

Can we level the playing field with content marketing as it is claimed we can do with social media?



“It’s approached that way but you won’t succeed that way.”

5 years ago the top viral videos were a bride falling in swimming pool, and a squirrel water skiing. Now top videos are lavishly produced epics – mini movies. 

That space is taken over by big brands.

It’s become another advertising channel. Red Bull and Coke are as much media companies as they are beverage ones. 

How do you compete with that?

Who would benefit the most by going to this workshop?



Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and to some extent even Human Resource.

Any function in a company that has been relying on advertising or traditional PR really needs to understand the dynamics of content and the expectations of the audience for content today. 

Even if you’re an experienced practitioner, it’s necessary to look at things from a very “human” angle.

Social is just one element. 

There are a lot of potential benefits of content marketing beyond engagement. 

When people say :

“It’s all about engagement. – that drives me crazy!” 

“It’s all about the Content. – that’s crazy!”

“it’s all about building a tribe. – no it’s not!


It’s all about creating results for your business or your nonprofit. 

“Align the tools with your goals.”


If you only know Mark through his considerable media presence, this workshop will be an opportunity to shake hands with the man behind the brand

You’ll come out of the workshop with tools to build an dynamic content marketing strategy with the added advantage of enjoying some hot jazz in a very cool city.

SocialMeex Logo

The Cut Through the Clutter” workshop is presented by SocialMeex, a collective comprised of Nancy A. LockeLuis LondonAndrew Chen and me who came together over a request on a Facebook post to find a way to get Mark back to Montreal.

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