3 Google Plus Productivity Tips

There’s a lot of great features that Google Plus has besides being a great social platform. Here’s a few tips that you can use to help your productivity.

Sharing is Caring on Google Plus

Now Google+ is allowing us to do a similar thing with our circle friends.

Confidence is Currency

When I’m feeling insecure, I manage most times to “dust myself off, pick myself up and start all over again.”
But what happens when the whole world is feeling insecure? What happens when dusting yourself off and starting all over again calls for international cooperation and compromise?

When Hiring, It’s All in the Casting

Not that long ago, I worked in theatre, both as a performer then later as an administrator. When…

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Why Does Customer Service Suck?

Do you complain about customer service?
Too easy, right?
I could as well have asked, do you eat?
Bad customer service really pisses me off. And not just because it’s an irritant that causes me stress, lost time and on occasion, lost money.

Let’s Take This Conversation Outside

I don’t believe real conversation can happen online. Sure we can exchange tweets and comments, but you have to leave the digital world and meet that friend in the real one to really connect.

For the Hundredth Time

My reflections upon reaching blog post number 100 and my commitment to being “social”.

Does Google+ Have you Singing – All By Myself?

On Google+, you can add anyone you want to to any of your “circles”. or just watch the “general” stream to look at who’s commenting on posts.
Plus… The guys at The Next Web came up with this handy list.

Why I Love Google+

Google+ is a playground of the imagination. Because it’s so easy, you have more time inventing new ways to use it than learning it. Example: You can create a circle for a work group. You place everyone in the group in the circle where they can collaborate. What plays in the circle stays in the circle.

There Are Places I Remember

It was a Facebook update over three years ago that gave me my first “a-ha” moment.