Is it Social Media or Sales Media?

  Somewhere along the way, social media became more about the media and less about the social. Yes,…

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Putting Social Media on the To Do List

A company that aims to exceed client expectations will embrace social media as a means to do just that.
A company that aims to get through the day, will just add a Facebook and Twitter profile to somebody’s to-do list.

Will Social Media Consultants be Irrelevant?

Watching another video gave me the inspiration to do my own video in response. Their video was a…

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Social Media Means Business

If client care is an integral part of your business culture, learn a few steps, get up on your feet, and sweep your customer off the floor.

The Tao of Twitter – Review

I’m a big fan of Mark Schaefer. So I was motivated to read this book to see what unique point of view he could bring to this most maligned and misunderstood social media tool, Twitter.

Are you a Social Media Addict?

Is being connected the new addiction?  Has mainlining hits of personal validation by virtual “friends” become the new…

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Social Media: Put a Ring On It!

If your company is flirting with Social Media Marketing, be warned. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

Social Media is Getting Old

There is no question that social media has become mainstream. Now is when the real innovation happens, as Seth Godin suggests. It isn’t until new technology becomes widely adopted that true innovation takes place and its cultural impact defined.

5 Basic Facebook Rules for Hotels

As a business, you can’t get much more “in your face” than a hotel.

Why I’m a Fan Of Social Media Breakfast Montreal

We shouldn’t forget that social media is about being social which is why events like Social Media Breakfasts are so important.