Starting Invisalign – Cause You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

On Oct 25th I took the big plunge and had my first Invisalign aligners installed. Invisalign braces, unlike…

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Do You Want to be Self-Employed or More Employed

Your Choice

Stop. Stay. Go. The choice is ours. ‘They’ say write what you know. The following post is about…

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Ray’s Marketing Digest | Social Media Marketing Strategy

However beautiful the strategy Ray Marketig Digest

Social media marketing. Let’s break it down. Social – Interpersonal interactions of people that can result in loose connections as…

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Rays Marketing Digest | Metrics, Content, Social Media

Baseball is like a church

Social media marketing is maturing. However, some of us are stuck in the “free social media marketing” mindset of 2009…

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Rays Marketing Digest – Social Media, Facebook, Blogging…


  I begin this week’s marketing digest with Mark Schaefer‘s post on how small businesses can execute social media marketing without breaking…

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Rays Marketing Digest – The Attention Issue

Where your attention goes your time goes

  One of the most poignant scenes in Author Miller’s masterpiece, Death of a Salesman is when Willy Loman’s…

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Rays Marketing Digest | Google+, Content, SEO, Social Media Culture

Aversity Power Marketing Digest 183

Power is intoxicating.  Our ego gets drunk on validation and admiration. This is as true for the businessman…

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Rays Marketing Digest | SEO, Blab, VPN, Content, Social

Whenever I see someone running faster than me, I assume they aren't going as far.

  There’s a theme that keeps repeating itself in my email subscriptions and social streams. Life/content marketing/influence marketing/social…

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Rays Marketing Digest | Content, SEO, YouTube, Social Media

Dale Carnegie quote People Interested in themselves

    The simplest messages carry the greatest truths. Think the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like…

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Rays Marketing Digest / Image SEO, Slack, Content, Social Media

Fly You Fool

This is issue 180 of my weekly marketing digest. The name of has changed over the past years…

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