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Content Marketing confuses me.

It looks human but there’s something off putting about it.

I thought marketing content was something advertisers have always done.

Wait. They still are.

They’ve just ripped off the label “social media marketing” and replaced it with this year’s buzzword.

They’ve removed the “soul” and gone straight for the “food”.

I feel like Rick in The Walking Dead coming out of a coma to find myself surrounded by marketing zombies intent on eating me.

Only on social media it’s called… asking you out for dinner.

 Walking Dead Insatiable Content Consumers

Mark Schaefer said in a recent interview on Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels Podcast:

“Content Marketing is the new advertising.”


If that is the case, IT WILL FAIL.

To be fair to Mark, he did go on to say that content marketing as it stands right now is…”getting kind of icky.”

He brought up another point that plays into the reason for this post.

And that being, the days of people reaching to the top of search engine rankings by gaming SEO and being overwhelming are nearing their end as Google+ authorship evolves.

“There are a lot of stupid people out there … and stupid people shouldn’t write. There needs to be a better system for tuning down the stupid people and tuning up the smart people.”    – Jason Calacanis

While we’ll never be able to “tune out” stupid people (What a wonderful world that would be…), with Google+ authorship, they’ll at least not show up on the top of our search results.


If you want to be found on Google, you got to be real on Google.


Content Marketing when used as advertising, is brand focussed.

When used as storytelling, it’s customer focussed.


As we know, there are marketers still living their Mad Men fantasies, trying to force advertising onto social networks.

Best they stay over at Facebook.


For the rest of us who understand content marketing as a long term marketing strategy, the best storytelling platform is Google+.

On G+, we’re able to share OUR STORY, OUR EXPERTISE, and OURSELVES while building TRUST, COMMUNITY and LOYALITY.


Here’s just 3 tips that can help:

1. Link Google+ to your blog and get verified.

This is an essential step in the Google+ authorship process. For directions how to complete the process, check out D.J. Thistle’s post: How to Set Up Google Authorship for your Website


2. Link to your blog posts to rank higher in Google+ and Google search

Whenever you have a new blog post, link to it from Google+, and make that post public. By doing this, you’ve made your post publicly available both inside Google+ and in Google global search.


3. Link embedded CTA’s in your Google+ Posts to your Landing Pages

And now for the marketing part of content marketing. We can now embed call to actions directly on our G+ posts.

The type of CTA can vary from “buy it” and “register” to “Read More”. Some of the other options are:  “add to calendar”, “ Bookmark”, “Download”, “Install”, “subscribe” or even  “Pin it”.


Mike Arnesen of Swellpath.com gives us the details and walks us through how to do it in his post: Get Up and Running with Google+ Interactive Posts

“When you set up Google+ interactive posts, you can create a custom share button that allows you to share a page to Google+ and leverage a custom CTA that links to the same or different URL. Yeah, you can share a blog post about an event announcement and link off-site to eventbrite.com so people can sign up!”

Google+ Call to Action

I’ve only skimmed the surface of why Google+ is a power house for your content strategy.

There’s the ability to manage your target market through Circles, network and build community within Communities, meet face to face and produce broadcasts with Hangouts, and interact directly with clients on Google+ Local.

Do You agree that Content Marketing is “the new advertising”?


This may be a good topic for next Tuesday’s Lunch Hangout 🙂

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  1. Ever since I’ve added the Google+ comment system to my blog, I’ve been enjoying conversations on Google+ a lot more. Those same conversations always seemed more “forced” before. If you do any sort of marketing on the internet Google+ is a must and isn’t really optional anymore.


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