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Reach for the stars

Marketing posts that got my attention this week:

Google News – 

Goodbye Google+ Photos, Hello Google Photos

SEO –  

5 Ways To Use What Consumers Want To Boost Local SEO Strategy

What Are Long Tail Keywords And How Do I Use Them?


YouTube Offers a Solution to the Vertical Video Problem

Content Marketing – 

Facebook, Twitter followers a multi-million-dollar business

8 Ways to Get More Social Shares Without Annoying Readers 

HOAs – 

#RayBunch Summer Rerun Series


Google News

Google drops the “plus” from Photos.

Google Photos

Continuing its move to devolve Google+ from being the social layer connecting all Google products into simply being its social stream, Google officially drops Google+ Photos on August 1st.

Here is the G+ post from Google+:




I downloaded the app and don’t see a lot of changes, but there are a few:

  • Auto enhance must be applied manually
  • Mobile users can edit in Snapseed but must upload photos back to Google Photos.
  • When creating an album, the photos are in a chronological order, there’s no way to change that at the moment

For a comprehensive explanation of what this means, check out Jaana Nyström’s post:

Google Photos Basics on Mobile and Desktop



Use Your Customers To Boost Your Local SEO

 Use Your Customers To Boost Your Local SEO


5 Ways To Use What Consumers Want To Boost Local SEO Strategy

by Wesley Young

As Wesley points out in this article, smaller local businesses have a unique competitive advantage over larger brands.

He lists five ways to leverage that advantage:

  1. Highlight What Consumers Value About Local Businesses

Consumers value local businesses for quality. They overwhelmingly chose local businesses over national chains for providing personalized service, delivering quality work, treating customers fairly and being reliable in delivering a product or service as promised…

  1. Ask Customers To Provide Positive Reviews

More than 75% of customers say online reviews are important to their evaluation of a local business, with 40% expecting to see reviews and 36% believing it sets a local business apart from its competitors. 

What is most surprising is that almost 90% of consumers would leave a review if asked, yet only 7% have been asked…

  1. Update Websites In Both Form & Content

Local Search Association (LSA) research shows that 50% of consumers state they are extremely likely to look at business websites when searching for a local business. This is the second highest source behind search engines.  67% of consumers want improvements or mobile-optimized sites from those businesses…

  1. Use Offers & Deals To Compete On Price

The one big advantage national brands have is scale, which helps them offer lower prices. Yet it would seem that if prices were comparable, customers would choose what they believe to be higher quality local businesses…

The solution may be to use offers and discounts. A whopping 88% of consumers in the Yodle survey want special offers for returning customers, with 57% saying it sets the business apart, and 31% saying it is expected.

  1. Email Customers To Keep The Business Top Of Mind

Another area of opportunity that local businesses aren’t taking full advantage of is communicating with existing customers. Good communication with existing customers can stand in for brand reputation and management…
communicating with existing customers

There’s a lot more – read the full article here.



What Are Long Tail Keywords And How Do I Use Them?

What Are Long Tail Keywords And How Do I Use Them?

Brooke Hazelgrove answers basic questions about long tail keywords that are especially useful for small businesses.

For a smaller business, the use of long tail keywords is a must to rank well with search engines.

Buyers are far more likely to search for you based on your profession than on your business name, and the best way to capture those buyers is to understand and work with the way they search.

Additionally, a smaller business is much more likely to rank well for a geographical area rather than a blanket search, making local search a factor worth taking advantage of.

This is a great resource for people new to content creation who want to know more about how to get the best SEO results they can.



Stop Vertical Video Syndrome!


YouTube Offers a Solution to the Vertical Video Problem.

First on Android and now on iOS, a recent update to the YouTube app will detect vertical videos and automatically expand them to fill the phones screen.

Interesting stat:

Google reported that the average length of a YouTube watch session on mobile is 40 minutes, up 50% from last year.


Content Marketing

Facebook, Twitter followers a multi-million-dollar business

What Are Long Tail Keywords And How Do I Use Them?


It seems we’ve been talking about “fake followers” forever, well since the advent of social media and Facebook “likes”.

I don’t know any social media marketer who condones the practice yet it persists because businesses see inflated follower numbers as “social proof”.  

‘The businesses buy the Facebook likes because they’re afraid that when people go to their Facebook page and they only see 12 or 15 likes, they’re going to lose potential customers.’– Spokesman for WeSellLikes.com

The fake click market generated another business – auditors.

Robert Waller, the founder of London-based Status People, helps clients block fakes.

“We have had a lot of people who have bought fake accounts, realized it’s a stupid idea and they’re looking for ways to get rid of them,” he said.

Do you have clients who ask to buy followers and likes?


8 Ways to Get More Social Shares Without Annoying Readers

by Neil Patel

Marketing TakeOut 8 Ways to Get More Social Shares Without Annoying Readers

In this article that deserves a permanent spot on your digital shelf, Neil Patel takes us through detailed strategies he uses to get the greatest number of social shares from his posts.

Here’s what he goes over:

  1. Understanding the Psychology Behind Social Sharing
  2. How to Create Content that Triggers Emotions
  3. Removing the Friction Behind Sharing and Engagement
  4. Why Asking for Shares Is Important
  5. How to Use Images Effectively to Get More Social Impressions
  6. Why You Need Custom Titles and Descriptions
  7. Writing Headlines with a Curiosity Gap
  8. How to Share Your Own Content When Your Readers Are Online

I especially like his section on the need to create content that invokes curiosity, amazement, and surprise. (see above image)



RayBunch Summer ReRun Series –

While the #RayBunch is on summer hiatus, we’ve been broadcasting reruns of our best shows.

While the show isn’t live (always available in replay on our YouTube channel), you can interact with us live in the comment thread on the event page.

I regular post highlights and links from the show and have the bonus of being able to chill and socialize with our audience.

I was on vacation the past two weeks so left the shows in the professional hands of Scott Scowcroft who saw that the show aired on time.

Who Are You Creating Content For?

Do you know who your readers are and do they know who you are?

Whether it’s to build our brand and sales or express ourselves, creating engaging content challenging.

The #RayBunch had a lively discussion about why and how we choose the content we do.  

Our jumping off point was the Danny Brown quote:

Write about the things you want to read as opposed to what you think others want to read.Click To Tweet


What Value are Vanity Metrics?

Vanity metrics are seductive.

They’re the online “likes”, “+1’s”, “shares”, “views” and “follower counts” that we see as validating our work.

So, is there value in “vanity metrics”?

Yes – with qualifications.

The “Bunch” discuss those qualifications and share strong opinions on the topic.

Who shares your content is more important than how many followers you have. – B.L. OchmanClick To Tweet

Do You Call Yourself an Expert?


Why are we so reluctant to call ourselves experts?

If you want to build your reputation you need to cultivate expertise, authority and trust online.

Google wants to know if you’re an expert. (How to Use Semantic Search to Grow Your Business)

I say let others define you as an expert; you define the things that you execute professionally. ~ Robert CarusoClick To Tweet


HOA/Podcast of the week 

The Marketing Companion with Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster.

Marketing Companion Podcast of week

I’ve highlighted this show before and for good reason.

The podcast never fails to find that mental “G” spot between being highly insightful and hilarious.

On this last episode, Jay Baer of Convince and Convert sits in for Tom.

This episode is packed with great advice, but I especially liked how Jay describes the process he uses to publish and promote his 3-minute video project. Jay Today

Citing the importance of video, especially short form, Jay explains how he shoots the video, hands it over to an editing company (Candidio).

His team then distributes it to iTunes and social platforms. The videos are transcribed and repurposed for blogs and other written platforms. The episodes and uses it for blogs.

Each video represents 8 – 9 pieces of content.

As Mark points out, it’s Important to outsource the technical tasks leaving you to focus on the content.


The Beyond Social Media Show 


Looking forward to guest hosting on B.L. Ochman and David Erickson‘s *Beyond Social Media Show* this Sat. at 12:30 PM ET.

I’ve been a fan of the show for a long time. It’s fast paced and full of topical marketing news, tips and stats.

The Beyond Social Media Show format:
*  Worst marketing stories of the week
*  Best marketing stories of the week
*  Shiny new tools
*  The Daily Numbers


That’s it for this week. It’s great to be back.

Have a great week.

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