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If You Like This, Please Proceed to Checkout – Ray2Go Show Ep. 11

Do you get paid for doing what you love to do?
Who wouldn’t want to be able to afford to do what they love most?
If you’re an artist, musician or writer who counts on a day job to subsidize your passions, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’d happily sing “Take This Job and Shove It” if it were an option.



In this era of downloading music, stealing images online and plagiarism, not only are creators making less money, they’re losing what little they had. 

This topic was inspired by a post by Mark Schaefer: Content Under Attack…and a Solution where he introduces us to Patreon an application that “allows fans and readers to give a little back.”

By setting up an account with Patreon, you can donate as much or little as you want to someone’s blog, in this case, Mark’s.

While I empathize with artists not getting their due, especially musicians since the advent iTunes and music streaming, I’m struggling with it when it relates to blogging as I see that as a promotional tool for the writer.

As a professional blogger/writer, I expect to be paid for my content.
As a consultant who uses my blog to help others and in so doing, show off my expertise, I haven’t expected someone to sponsor me. (Although, if you’re offering…)

Since Radiohead released their album, In Rainbows on their website in 2007, artists have been looking at other pay models.  
We’ve spoken about gated content before on the show.

Would this be an alternative or used in conjunction with it?

Does the financial situation of a creative person figure into whether you choose to support them?
Would you give Seth Godin a monthly sponsorship as a token of how much you enjoy his blog or be more likely to support a relatively unknown writer?


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Introducing our Ray2Go Panel:

Jessica Dewell Ray2Go


Jessica Dewell – JessicaDewell.Com  Integrating the often conflicting viewpoints that arise between vision and implementation is one of Jessica’s specialties.

Business Evaluation & Strategy. Product / idea development – Consultant. Advisor. Speaker.

Find Jess on Twitter at: @jess_dewell 

Scott Scowcroft Ray2Go


Scott Scowcroft loves to edit and repackage videos into Golden Nuggets to improve reach, promotion and profit – It’s known as “The SCOTT Treatment.” 

“Each week Ray Hiltz expertly hosts a panel of four media professionals who could just as easily be nicknamed smarty, snappy, edgy and wise. Ray2Go, Ray”

Find Scott on Twiter at: @ScottScowcroft


B.L. Ochman Ray2Go

B.L. Ochman has been helping major brands incorporate new media into their marketing since 1996.

She writes for AdAge Digital Next and What’s Next Blog (whatsnextblog.com) and is @whatsnext  on Twitter.

She also is a pretty good swing dancer.

“I look forward to Tuesday conversations with the Ray Bunch because they are incredibly smart and also always make me laugh.”

Randy Bowden Ray2Go

Randy Bowden is a marketing and branding guy.

He is co-principal partner of Bowden2Bowden LLC, a marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm. He’s a native Floridian, a Georgia transplant and a Southern enthusiast aged in bourbon.

You can find him on Twitter: @bowden2bowden

“The Ray2Go show manages to bring smart and passionate people to the table at the same time, which is such an amazing and rare combination.

I am honored to be part of the crew and look forward to the banter exchange each week.”



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