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Baseball is like a church

Social media marketing is maturing.

However, some of us are stuck in the “free social media marketing” mindset of 2009 – 2012.

Social media is free and if we keep posting, they will come.

While the best things in life may be free, food and shelter usually aren’t. (unless you have very understanding parents.)

Social media is a powerful tool that accelerates and magnifies our communication.

The difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing is the difference between a bike path and a multi-lane expressway .

They may lead to the same destination but unless you adapt, you could end up a hood ornament.

Social media marketing is a complicated mess for many small businesses.

Business owners who have years of experience struggle to apply this accumulated wisdom to the digital environment.

To adapt, they need to invest in an ongoing cycle of education, strategy, planning and execution.

Social media marketing represents “long-term” planning and ever-evolving strategies.

This curated list of articles gives you an overview of things to consider as you move ahead.


In this week’s marketing digest.

DIGITAL MARKETING – 5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016 – Part I and Part II by Yasmin Bendror

Social Media Marketing – Those Tweets May Be Your Own…But They Still Have Consequences by Amber Naslund

DIGITAL MARKETING – 10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics By Rahul Alim

CONTENT MARKETING – Do Blogs Still Matter For Your Business Strategy? You Betcha! Heidi Cohen

RAY2GO SHOW SPOTLIGHT – Who Are You Creating Content For? By Ray Hiltz




5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016 – Part I and Part II by Yasmin Bendror

by Yasmin Bendror

5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016


I’m happy I came across the two-part article by Yasmin Bendror because she addresses the major pain-points small business owners have:

– What social platforms should we be on?

– How do we use them most effectively?

This is a straightforward way to match consumer realities with the new digital marketing tools.


Consumers Are Social. Being on Social Media is a Must.

Consumers Are Visual. Incorporating Images & Videos are a Must.

Consumers Are Mobile. Having a Responsive Website is a Must.

Consumers Are Hard To Reach. Paying for Exposure is a Must.

Consumers Are Searching. Being on Google My Business is a Must

In the first part, Yasmin provides many stats and links to other resources showing reasons why Social Media, Images, Mobile etc.. are important.

In the second part, she expands on the platforms and digs deeper into platform choices and provides more resources on each.

This is a very good overview that will get rid of some of the social media clutter in your head and allow you to decide where you want to invest your scarce resources.


Social Media Marketing

Those Tweets May Be Your Own…But They Still Have Consequences

Those Tweets May Be Your Own…But They Still Have Consequencesby Amber Naslund

I began this post by saying social media marketing is maturing.

At the same time, social media transports us back to gossipy High School hallways where finger-pointing and bullying were the Facebook posts of the day.

Back in those good old/bad old days, the ramifications of our indiscreet actions were restricted to our circle.

Gossip took time to make its way around.

With the unlimited amplification power of digital media, what we whisper online is read, heard and viewed everywhere instantaneously.  

And extends far past our network.

Amber Naslund tackles the issue of professional and personal social sharing.

It’s a minefield whether you work for a company or you are that company.

How free are you to express yourself online?

“What you say online can and will reflect on your employer, whether you like it or not.” ~ Amber NaslundClick To Tweet

Will a disclaimer such as: “these posts/tweets/comments are my own” cover your ass?

According to Amber – not so much.

“…that disclaimer does not protect you from experiencing any of the consequences that may occur as a result of the things you choose to post, including being terminated from your job if you’re in violation of a code of conduct that you agreed to (or in the case of at-will employment situations, for no reason at all).

Balancing our personal with our professional brand online means making deliberate choices.



10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics

By Rahul Alim

10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics

You can’t move forward without knowing where you’re starting from.

Rahul Alim gives us a helpful overview of mainstream metrics that you should look at regularly to assess the success of your digital marketing strategy.

He breaks it down into two sections:

1-5: Digital Marketing Staples

Overall Traffic

– Channel-Specific Traffic

– Conversions

– Bounce Rate

– Search Trends

6-10: Additional Proven Metrics

– New vs. Returning Visitors

– Queries

– Top 10 Organic Landing Pages

– User Demographics

– Brand Sentiment

Rahul explains the “what”, “why” and “how” of each of these metrics.

This is an excellent resource to keep handy.




Do Blogs Still Matter For Your Business Strategy? You Betcha!

By Heidi Cohen

Do Blogs Still Matter For Your Business Strategy? You Betcha!

Heidi Cohen is known for her actionable posts and this one is representative of that.

81% of North American B2B businesses use blogging as a content marketing tactic yet only 59% of them find blogging effective!

She lists a couple reasons for this:

  • blogs require employee time and resources
  • Quality blog posts require internal or external headcount and other budget.

In her argument for the importance of business blogging, she lists:

  • Provides customer-focused content. This is core information that prospects and customers seek during the research buying phase and beyond. Without it, they’ll never contact you.
  • Supports search optimization. Posts should be written around keyword phrases in line with your search strategy.
  • Fuels social media. Skip the once and done blog promotion. Batch schedule your blog content and support it with social media advertising where needed.
  • Generates qualified leads and sales. Blog content encourages readers to act.


5 Steps to make your blog the jewel in your marketing crown


Do Blogs Still Matter For Your Business Strategy? You Betcha!


  1. Develop and document your blog strategy and editorial mission statement. Your blog isn’t a standalone, nice to have element.
  1. Create a blog editorial calendar and integrate it your promotional calendar. Planning your blog content saves time.
  1. Optimize your blog content to improve measurable results
  1. Plan and space out your blog promotion.
  1. Update and re-promote existing content


Ray2Go Spotlight

Who Are You Creating Content For?

By Ray Hiltz

who-are-you-writing-for 1

Who are you creating content for?

The answer to this question isn’t as obvious as you would think.

Although your first instinct may to reply – your potential clients, there is another opinion that says you should write what you’d like to read.

“Write about the things you want to read as opposed to what you think others want to read.” - Danny Brown Click To Tweet


The Ray2Go crew (aka RayBunch) takes at look at this question and others such as the role good grammar and formatting play, “content shock”, and does length matter?


The post also includes many content creation resources such as:

How to use Deliberate Practice When Writing by Daphne Gray-Grant, Principal at The Publication Coach.  

7 Essential Tips For Writers Who Hope To Engage Millions Of Readers via Forbes.com

Editing and Writing Services by Judy Vorfeld. Offers a wealth of writing and grammatical tips. She’s all about writing clearly.

5. Buzzsumo.comBuzzSumo gives you insight into what content is working, and the influencers amplifying it. You can set filters for topics, types of posts

Thanks as always to the RayBunch: Scott ScowcroftRandy Bowden – Jessica Dewell B.L. Ochman


Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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