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Whenever I see someone running faster than me, I assume they aren't going as far.


There’s a theme that keeps repeating itself in my email subscriptions and social streams.

Life/content marketing/influence marketing/social media marketing/SEO etc. is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s a tired saying, but true.

Failing to embrace this truth is the most common reason we fail to meet our ……… (fill in blank) goals.

A lot of tension exists between the technology’s need for speed and people’s need for trust. 

Building trust is a slow, progressive process. 

There’s a place for a timely advertising campaigns. Their continued success bears that out.

Social media and content marketing excel at building relationships and loyalty than direct sales.

It’s never a question of choosing one or the other but knowing how and when to choose one or the other. 

Now on to this week’s marketing digest:

Content Marketing – Agile Principles + Content Marketing = Long-Term Success – by Andrea Fryrear

SEO – The Local SEO Playbook To Increased Visibility And Customer Acquisition by Thomas Stern 

BLAB – An easier way to find your friends by Shaan Puri

Internet Security – How to Protect Your Business Info from Prying Eyes When Using Public WiFi – by Paul Cooley 

LinkedIn – How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile in 5 Minutes by John Nemo

Social Media – How to Keep Up with the Tsunami of Customer Feedback Online – by Jay Baer 

Ray2Go Spotlight – Self Employment – Who is the Boss of You?


Content Marketing

Agile Principles + Content Marketing = Long-Term Success



Agile Principles + Content Marketing = Long-Term Success

This is an important article to read for many reasons.

Among them is the pressure to publish content. (as demonstrated in the “trough of disillusionment”).

And getting executive buy-in only to have content creators burn out after showing no deliverable results. 

(A cause for this disillusionment is the pressure to show short-term results for what is a long-term strategy.)

Andrea Fryrear suggests adopting an “Agile marketing” approach.

Agile marketing is a reaction to what she describes as “triage mode”.

She quotes Robert Rose’s description…

“… marketing is frequently in triage mode, trying to reactively keep up with what the business should be saying next. We create campaigns where we’re not sure what we’re going to say next week much less next month … In short, we operate in a publishing cadence that says, our only requisite to publishing the content is that it’s finished.”

So true.

Who doesn’t feel like they’re working in a content publishing sweat shop?

Why you should read this:

– Reasons why you should build your content marketing around and focus on  “pillar content”. (Evergreen – not time specific.)

– Why a commitment to the brand AND the audience is crucial.

– What Agile methodologies will do:

Have precise short-term objectives and deadlines thanks to clear sprint goals and firm sprint lengths

Will not be pulled off current projects to support out-of-the-blue demands because each sprint’s objectives are set in stone at the beginning

Know their content will get the distribution attention it needs to have the best chance of succeeding thanks to the Agile focus on transparent task tracking




The Local SEO Playbook To Increased Visibility And Customer Acquisition

by Thomas Stern

Columnist Thomas Stern discusses five essential components of local optimization that increase online exposure and drive offline traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.


The Local SEO Playbook To Increased Visibility And Customer Acquisition

This post gives you sound local SEO basics.

1. On-Page Elements for Location Landing Pages

– Each landing page should include the following SEO factors, unique to each business location:

– Page title (keywords, business name, location info).

– Meta descriptions (call to action).

– Page content (at least 100 words).

– Contact information (name, address, phone number).

– Structured data (to help achieve Rich Snippets or Knowledge Graph panels in SERPs).

2. Google My Business Signals

– Ensure that your Google data exactly match the individual location data on your website. 

Consistent and accurate NAP (name, address, phone number) information across all listings is crucial for a successful local SEO campaign

3. Citations

– Citations on external listing services are heavily weighted factors for generating high-traffic local SEO signals.

To establish the strongest possible relationship between your business, its location and its business category, aim to create as many consistent citations as possible.

4. Review Websites

– Review websites do operate as citation sources with standard business information, but their local SEO implications go far beyond that.

Well-managed reviews can increase customer acquisition through valuable links, digital PR initiatives and viral word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Inbound Links

– Including high-quality backlinks to your domain will have a major influence on both organic and local search platforms. 

According to the Moz survey, inbound links are the second most important factor in local SEO performance, with a weight of 20 percent.



An easier way to find your friends 

by Shaan Puri

Blab An easier way to find your friends


People who love creating live video love Blab because of its simplicity.

That’s why you’ll find many ex-Google+ Hangout on Air hosts there.

That simplicity extends both to producing a Blab and participating in one. (All you need is a Twitter account.)

Now Blab has released a new feature that replaces the tag section (a way to search for Blabs based on interests.)

It’s called, On Blab, and it’s going to make finding your friends much easier. You can see which conversations your friends are in, and join them in one click.

An easier way to find your friends


Internet Security

How to Protect Your Business Info from Prying Eyes When Using Public WiFi 

by Paul Cooley

Protect your business on public WiFi

How do you keep the information on your laptop/tablet/smartphone private in a public WiFi zone?

We all love being able to sit anywhere and tap into WiFi that we’re not paying for.

But there can be a steep cost to “free”.

There are apps out there that make it extremely easy for someone to swipe your username and passwords and gain access to data that could come back to make you regret that cup of coffee.

Paul Cooley shows us how to protect ourselves by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Included in the post is a video showing how a VPN protects your online privacy & security.



How to create a Killer LinkedIn Profile in 5 Minutes 

by John Nemo

How to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile in 5 Minutes

This is part two to John Nemo’s post I highlighted last week: One Simple Tweak That Makes Your LinkedIn Profile More Appealing.

Here, he gives tips on how to attract the attention of prospects who scan many LinkedIn profiles.

Included, is a “copy and paste” template.

Like his earlier post, you should be able to do this in less than 5 minutes.

But if you’re not clear about what you do and why, that exercise will make it take longer.


Social Media

How to Keep Up with the Tsunami of Customer Feedback Online

by Jay Baer 

5 Ways to keep up with the avalanche of online customer feedback - See more at: http://www.businessesgrow.com/2016/03/01/customer-feedback/#sthash.oiZRLJRW.dpuf

Jay Baer, writing on Mark Schaefer’s Blog, gives some context about the state of online feedback and how to keep up with it.

Jay has just written a new book, “Hug Your Haters” that looks at modern customer service.

A telling point is that while…

“80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service, only 8% of their customers agree.”Click To Tweet

How social media has changed how we communicate is summarized by his heading:

Social media is a petri dish for first world problems

If you find you’re drowning in feedback, here’s the 5 ways Jay lists to keep your head above water: (Headings only – read his post for details)

1) Start with an empowered customer service team

2) Do not use canned, copy-and-paste responses

3) Answer personally and thoroughly

4) Answer everybody

5) Prioritize interactions 


Ray Spotlight

Self Employment – Who is the Boss of You?

Self Employment - Who is the Boss of You?


Self-Employment: How Hard Can It Be?

Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss?

One of the effects of 2008 financial crisis –  besides us bailing out those that caused it, was that we found ourselves without jobs.

The only recourse was to make our own.

We turned hobbies into businesses – be it woodworking, technology or astrology readings.

With extra time on our hands, a lot of us began playing on social media.

Enough of us played on Facebook and Twitter to give us confidence to market our new skills and became instant social media consultants.

Never was the saying “Fake it until you make it” more taken to heart.

Unfortunately, many didn’t make it.


How hard can it be? – Very hard.

As much as freedom is a major advantage of being self-employed, it a double-edged sword.

It also means freedom from benefits, weekends off and holidays – at least until you get to a certain income level.

Another question we looked at was that of the difference between being a “freelancer” and an “entrepreneur”.

What do you consider yourself to be?




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