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Marketing has everything to with communication and something to do with advertising.

Communication is the sending and receiving of information.

Communication is successful when our audience “gets our message” and not just “hears it.”

Of course hearing it when there’s so much “noise” is a required first step.

As marketers, our challenge is to create content that will resonate with our audience.

This could be opting onto an email list, sharing, or purchasing our products or services.

The articles I highlighted this week shows how far digital marketing has come in a short while.

When deciding how best to communicate, it’s never a question of ‘this or that’, but this and what else?


Content Marketing

How to Add Suspense to Your Stories and Dramatically Improve Your Content

Sean D’Souza’s Copyblogger article How to Add Suspense to Your Stories and Dramatically Improve Your Content,  shows us how creating anticipation we can result in a bigger payoff.

Bonus: Great Ted Talk video featuring conductor,  Benjamin Zander who uses ‘Chopin’s Prelude’ to demonstrates why “it’s all about the voyage”.

In spite of the platitude, “there is no B2C or B2B marketing, there’s only P2P (person 2 person), there are strategical differences in marketing to consumers and businesses.

This became clear after reading Brent Adamson and Patrick Spenner’s article: Avoid These Common B2B Content Marketing Mistakes.

They list three mistakes that became plain after looking at the results of research involving 5,000 B2B purchases across 12 industries.

Mistake #1 – The content focuses on “thought leadership”

“ CEB research… indicates that simply representing a “smart or expert perspective” has no significant impact on customers’ decision making.

Only content that teaches customers something new about their business and provides a compelling reason to change their behaviour proves sufficient to influence the decision process.


Mistake #2 – The content overdoes personalization

This goes against everything I’ve advocated about personalizing your message to suit your client.

But in a B2B environment, there is more than one individual involved in a purchase decision, 5.4 customer stakeholders to be exact.

“…personalizing content for each of a group of diverse stakeholders, often with differing priorities, amplifies disconnects rather than overcoming them.”


Mistake #3 –  The content doesn’t help sellers gauge purchase progress

This is all about mapping out your customer’s purchase path.

Hint: It doesn’t end at “engagement”.

The best marketers design content so the timing of customers’ engagement with it indicates their location on the purchase path.”

Read the article for case studies and examples.


Social Media

Remember when Social Media’s promise was to bring the world together “in perfect harmony”?

Now the flood of content has become dissonant and its power omnipotent.

Marketers are quick to jump onto new platforms i.e. Ello, Blab, Periscope and ruin them for everyone else.

They soon become echo chambers.

We talk to each other and post “How-to’s” creating our own short-lived mini-industries.Complaining About Social Media? You're Part Of The Problem.

In this post, Amber Naslund tells us to stop whining about social media and take control. – Complaining About Social Media? You’re Part Of
The Problem.

“You choose who you follow, friend, or connect with.

So if your stream is full of marketing garbage and crappy content and people who only self-promote, you have no one to blame but yourself.”


You don’t have to follow everyone back.

“Simply perpetuating the “they followed me so I should follow/friend them” rule creates noise in your feed, and lots of it.”

Like Amber, I use lists on Twitter (and on Facebook).

No one is making you stay.

If you don’t “get” or enjoy Twitter, stop wasting words complaining about it and delete your account.

You don’t want people to see your personal life?  Don’t post to “public” on Facebook.

Better yet, stay off of Facebook until you get some help navigating privacy settings.

The same goes for any social platform.

They exist on the world wide web which is like the universe.  

Deleting a post is like changing TV or YouTube channels. You may not see your content anymore but someone somewhere can.



SnapChat Content Strategy

My biggest social media surprise this year is seeing the number of “influencers” jumping aboard “Snapchat.

Seeing Mark Traphagen promote his Snapchat account even persuaded me to open an account.

This is after years of relegating the app to sex-obsessed adolescents. (Now, there’s influencer marketing for you.)

Snapchat took off in 2011 because high schools kids could share racy photos that would disappear in 30 seconds. This was seen as a safe alternative to Facebook where content lasted forever. 

It took sexting to whole new levels.

Times have changed and Snapchat grew up. (needing money does that)

Now you can shot short 10 second videos that can last up to 24 hours.

Before long, Content Marketers were all over it broadcasting “Live Stories”.

Snapchat’s director of partnerships, Ben Schwerin, says Snapchat’s Live Stories draw an average audience of 20 million people in a 24-hour window.

That’s a lot of potential ad revenue.

If you’re interested in including Snapchat in your content marketing mix, I recommend Michael Stelzner’s article: Snapchat Content Strategy: How Marketers Can Win With Snapchat

It’s is a great place to get some background on the app, the reasons you should consider it and ways you can use it.



Images Pinter Ready

Social Media pal, Mallie Hart posted a short rant about the hurt bloggers do to themselves by not following some basic Pinterest best practices. – Blogger, Please! I Want To Pin Your Pretty Images, But …

Your image is too small. (optimal size) 735 px wide 1102 px high)

No image description as in “alt text”. No, IMG16753429 is not a description. It tells me nor Google what the image and article is about. (This goes for all web images you use.)

No image on your post. (nuff said.)

It’s been shown that visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Hubspot)




I don’t think there’s anyone better to follow for SEO tips than Rand Fishkin of MOZ for regular, insightful tips. His Whiteboard Friday is a must subscribe.

In this article: Why Google Rewards Re-Publishing, Rand tells us why Google (and others) like repurposed content and how best to publish it.Why Google Rewards Re-Publishing - Whiteboard Friday

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • When you publish multiple times, you’re building up that topical authority, that topical association that Google has with your site.
  • Multiple pieces of content tend to yield multiple opportunities to earn links, earn amplification, earn those social shares, earn engagement, and earn ranking signals of all kinds.
  • Fresh publishing often provides its own rankings boost. Fresh publishing often provides its own rankings boost. (as does a fresh update of older content).





Thanks to Peggy K, I know know how to check my YouTube video views in real time.

I suggest you follow her Video Creator Tips & Updates: YouTube, G+ & Beyond Collection.

How many people are watching? Check your video views in real time!

Use the YouTube Analytics Realtime report to see estimated views for the last 5 published videos.

You can see two graphs:

* Hour-by-hour data: Available for a sliding window of 2 days (“last 48 hours”)

* Minute-by-minute data: Available for a sliding window of 1 hour (“last 60 mins”)

On your mobile device, you can use the YouTube Creator Studio app to check real-time estimated views:

(BTW, I’m disappointed that Google+ has disabled the ability to embed Google+ posts.)


The Ray2Go Spotlight Show

Can You Be More than Just Friends on Social Media?

Last year’s Valentine special was about “love”, of course – specifically, love and social media.

We’re a society that overshares especially on Facebook. 

We sometimes feel we know our online friends intimately.

So when does liking someone on social media evolve into really liking someone?

Can social media ruin your love life?

“The problem with falling in love with someone’s two-dimensional Facebook profile is that you never know what lies beyond that sparkling smile in front of the Taj Mahal. After all, his photos might just be the most exciting thing about him. And why is he always traveling by himself?” – 


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