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Communication problem

This post represents the 178th time I’ve published a weekly marketing digest.

It began as a weekly Google+ community newsletter that shared tips on the new and exciting Google social platform.

For the last year or so, it’s broadened to include what I consider the most helpful digital marketing articles I find in my feeds.

One of the things I noticed, after all, this time, is how noisy our streams are. 

Everyone is saying something but few are “communicating” – getting their message across.

It gets lost in the flood of mind-numbing repetition, broadcasting, and self-promotion.

– Just thought I’d leave you with that.

Now on with…

This week’s marketing digest:

Content Marketing 

  • The #1 Thing Stopping Most People from Repurposing Content – by Denise Wakeman  

Social Media  –

  • 23 Social Media Tools That Experts Use to Streamline Their Marketing – by Neil Patel 


  • How To Build A Massive, Engaged Twitter Following – by Mike Allton 

B2B Marketing  –

  • 7 B2B Marketing Strategies That You Need to Master – by Clement Lim 

Video –  

  • How To Make Wicked Good Videos Even if You Are Camera Shy – by Kim Garst 

Google News

The Ray2Go spotlight show – 

  • Human Marketing – What it means to be a Human Business 


Content Marketing

The #1 Thing Stopping Most People from Repurposing Content



by Denise Wakeman

When we publish content online, we sometimes fall into “breaking news” mode. 

We don’t want to repeat ourselves, so we stress about coming up with new content all the time.

We forget the bytes of excellent content we’ve already created.

Unless it’s very date specific, i.e., “Top hashtags for February 7th, 2015”, then there are lots of reasons why you should repurpose your content.

According to Denise, LinkedIn Publishing is the number one site to republish on followed by Facebook Note, Medium, and SlideShare (LinkedIn).

She includes a link to an earlier article: Repurposing Your Content – 13 Ways to Reach More People.

One section I found especially useful was: 7 Ways to Repurpose a Video Show


What Is a Content Marketer?

What Is a Content Marketer?

What is a content marketer

by Demian Farnsworth

A content marketer is more than just someone who writes content.

In this article, Demian Farnsworth places the “content marketer” in the context of marketing in general.

He reminds us that a content marketer is a master of many disciplines.

First, he gives us the working definition of a content marketer:

A content marketer is responsible for the planning, creating, and sharing of valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

The type of content the content marketer shares depends upon what he sells.

In other words, he educates people so that they know, like, and trust him enough to do business with him.

Then lists the core skills needed:

1. Storytelling

2. Strategy

3. Writing content

4. Social media

5. Subscription assets

Demian references Ann Handley who suggests you ask yourself the following 3 question to find your “key point”.

He adds a fourth.

(from her book, Everybody Writes):

Think before you ink.Click To Tweet

  1. Why am I creating this?
  2. What is my key take on this subject?
  3. Why does it matter to the people I am trying to reach?”
  4. Who are you writing to?  – Know your audience


Social Media

23 Social Media Tools That Experts Use to Streamline Their Marketing

Data never sleeps


by Neil Patel

Social media doesn’t have a “down time”.

Not only do our social media streams flow without regard to time zones, they bring new streams with more content. 

We need help.

How do we find relevant content, and how do we know when someone throws our personal or brand name into those streams?


Neil Patel to the rescue.

Neil shares a long list of curation and listening tools that will help cancel the noise and focus on the music.

There are a few like LikeAlyzer and Piqora that I haven’t heard of but will check out.



How To Build A Massive, Engaged Twitter Following

How To Build A Massive, Engaged Twitter Following

by Mike Allton

If you’re new or have abandoned your Twitter account, this article is for you.

More than a post, this is an e-book on how to get the best results with Twitter from:

– creating an effective profile,

– using third-party Twitter apps like Hootsuite and Buffer to help you manage your account

– and a definition and of “growth hacking” (which I found helpful)

Mike gives us examples of growth hacks we could use:

#1 – Use Click To Tweet On Your Best Posts

#2 – Targeted Follow First

#3 – Following Email Lists

#4 – Use IFTTT to List Targeted Twitter Users

#5 – Use SocialQuant to Follow Targeted Twitter Users


And this just in: 

Twitter is soon planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline.

Twitter planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline as soon as next week.

Twitter introduces algorithmic timeline

“The timeline will reorder tweets based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks people most want to see, a departure from the current feed’s reverse chronological order.

It is unclear whether Twitter will force users to use the algorithmic feed, or it will merely be an option.” – Buzzfeed

This has kicked up a”tweetstorm” under the hashtag flag of #RIPTwitter.

As usual, it’s the heavy users who have the most issue with this change.

But like Google+, the company needs more users and Twitter is too complex and noisy for most newcomers to stick with past the first few tries.

I hadn’t met anyone that hadn’t deserted Twitter when they began – including myself.

If Facebook is any indication, people don’t have either the time or inclination to “manage” their streams. 

I agree with Mark Traphagen who stated in his article: Twitter Algorithmic Timeline: I For One Welcome Our New Overlords

“As one who grumbled against the Facebook algorithmic news feed, I finally had to admit it: once I let Facebook take over the news feed, it got better, and much more addictive. Maybe not so good for me, but very good for Facebook.” 

What do you think?

Is this a smart move or a desperate one?


B2B Marketing

7 B2B Marketing Strategies That You Need to Master

7 B2B Marketing Strategies That You Need to Master

by Clement Lim

In this post, Clement takes us through the basics of developing a B2B marketing strategy. 

Yes, there are tons of “how-to’s” but even if you think you’ve “been there, done that,” it’s a good idea to revisit basics.

You’ll be surprised how much has changed and how much you’ve forgotten like:

  • The importance of “buyer personas”.
  • Brand persona
  • Content strategy
  • Content promotion
  • Tracking metrics
  • Scaling content

“Create content that’s relevant and valuable, promote it to your target audience, and focus on the opportunities that yield the highest return.”




How To Make Wicked Good Videos Even if You Are Camera Shy

How To Make Wicked Good Videos Even if You Are Camera Shy

by Kim Garst 

I keep being surprised by the number of people I meet who would love to do more video but are intimidated by it.

Most are too shy to appear in front of a camera.

Kim comes to the rescue by sharing tips on how to feel more comfortable in front of the webcam.

And if we’re still not ready to take Anderson Cooper on, she shares several video animation tools we can use to make ads that convert better than “human” ones.




Google+ News

Google+ Web Preview Update 

Google Plus Update

by Luke Wroblewski

Google continues to tweak its Google+ stream in response to feedback.

Usually, I would have just embedded this G+ post but as we can’t do than any longer, here’s what Luke says:

G+ Web Preview Update Feb 5
Today we’re starting to roll out several fixes and new features on the Google+ Web preview including:
* 101 bug fixes
* View large profile images in a gallery
* Improved people search results
* An updated design for the Following screen
* Ability to see who you’ve muted and un-mute them in the Activity Log (found under Settings)



The Ray2Go Spotlight 

What it means to be a Human Business


What is a human business

I miss the Ray2Go Show, especially meeting weekly with my friends and panelists, Jessica DewellScott ScowcroftB.L. Ochman, and Randy Bowden.

We haven’t done one since December, and the jury is still out as to whether we’ll return.
As much as I love the show, it does take a lot of time that as yet isn’t subsidized by a generous sponsor.
But we do have a lot of videos, podcasts and Blabs in the bag that offer timeless “edutainment”.
Like this show where we the human side of digital marketing.

1 What is Human Marketing?

2. Why do brands need to be human?

3. What are the challenges and solutions to humanizing your brand?

“With social media, it is more difficult for companies to fake being genuine. Companies that have a healthy internal culture of trust will have an easier time adjusting to the social marketplace.” ~ Scott Scowcroft


Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

If you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, drop me a line: ray@rayhiltz.com.

You can view past Ray2Go shows on my YouTube Channel or the audio podcast on Soundcloud.

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