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Don't let the medium obscure the message


Have you noticed trends in your content streams?

For a period, “content is king”, then the buzzword is “relationships”, then “engagement”. Sometimes I get the feeling we’re all reaching out in the dark trying to find our way through this social technology maze.

Not everything is a trend. A word shouldn’t be dismissed because it’s over and misused. 

Compelling content, loyal relationships and personal engagement never go out of style.

Just as “authenticity” is timeless (another buzzword), so is human to human marketing whether it’s digital or real.

Whatever the medium you use, keep your eye on the message.

This week’s marketing roundup:

Content Marketing

– Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Again:  25 Resources for Content Marketers

Business: Company Culture

Developing The Right Company Culture

Social Media: Facebook  

How To Update Your New Mobile Facebook Profile / Facebook Introduces Reactions

Email Marketing

– Email Newsletters vs. Content Notifications: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Video Live-Streaming: Blab

Blab Lovers: Here’s What to Do After Your Blab.im Session?

Digital Marketing

– Here’s How Digital Competency Defines Marketing Success

Google Plus

– Is Google Plus Still Relevant to Marketers? Ray2Go Show Ep. 4


Content Marketing

Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Again:  25 Resources for Content Marketers

Blog Post Ideas


by Kristi Hines

I’m a big fan of Kristi Hines and look forward to seeing her byline cross my feeds. Her content is lean, clean and always never mean. In fact, she’s one of the most generous content creators I know.

And I don’t mean just prolific, which she is.

If you blog or copyright for a business, you know coming up with fresh ideas is a challenge. And we all have our digital drawers stashed with notes.

Kristi comes to the rescue with a post that gives us 25 resources that help us find content topics, create eyeball-grabbing headlines and SERP-friendly keywords.

Here’s a small sample:

Idea generators –

Headlines from other blogs in your niche or industry using RSS and Feedly.

Content that gets shared on the top social networks using BuzzSumo.

Questions asked in social media groups.

Headline Helpers –

The top headlines using popurls.

Exact headlines based on your keyword or phrase using blog topic generators.

List of free-to-use blog topic generators such as SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles, Title Generator and Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Keyword Finders –

Keyword ideas using Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Suggested searches from Google using Ubersuggest.

Keywords and phrases that your website visitors use to find your website using HitTail.


Business: Company Culture

Developing The Right Company Culture

Company Culture



The importance of having the “right” company culture has been discussed many times on the RayBunch and Ray2Go shows.

When examining why businesses fail with their social media marketing, not having a “social” culture lead by a company head was cited as the biggest reason.

It’s not surprising that Hessie Jones mentions the ability to enable and nurture change as her first point in her post that traces her own experience.

Change can only work in a trusting environment because change is uncomfortable.

You will fail at times. You will make mistakes.

But if all the stakeholders feel invested in the company, it will be easier to move on from it.

“Being a leader doesn’t mean you know everything. I don’t have all the answers and I don’t pretend I do. What I do know is that what we’ve built today is the work of a collective team that believes in the goals of the company.”


Social Media: Facebook

How To Update Your New Mobile Facebook Profile

Facebook Mobile Profile


by Mike Allton

You may have noticed some changes to your Facebook profile on mobile. I haven’t seen this yet as it’s still unrolling after Facebook announced the update Sept. 30th.

If you noticed it or want more information about the update, Mike Alton has written another informative social media post that walks us through the changes and helps us make the best of them.

In short, the main update is:

– Centered Profile Image

– Video Profile Image

– Scheduled Profile Image

– Introduce Yourself

– One-Line Bio

– Featured Images

(Not looking forward to seeing these.)

Facebook mobile profile gif


Be sure to read the post to learn how to take advantage of this update.


Facebook Reactions

facebook reactions.

Mark Zuckerberg introduces new Reactions.

To use the feature, you long-press the like button until the six reactions pop up, and you choose one from there. Posts now show reaction counts alongside the number of comments — 10 “likes”, four “wows”, two “hahas”, and so on.


Email Marketing

Email Newsletters vs. Content Notifications: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Newsletters vs Notifications


by  BETH HAYDEN for Copyblogger

I’m glad I came across this post on Copyblogger as it addresses a problem I’ve been struggling with the last month or so.

Which works best, sending out a regular newsletter (like the one you’re reading) or sending out email notifications of new activity on my site?

In my case, I’ve been wondering if I send my newsletter email list my latest Ray2Go Show post, will they be ticked off?

Or should I build a new list?

Beth Hayden takes a look at both processes, giving us examples, advantages and disadvantages of each.

Option 1: Send an email newsletter

Benefits of sending an email newsletter

  • You are committed to a set publishing schedule
  • Your audience will know when to expect a note from you, and you may see lower unsubscribe rates
  • You can include links to additional content your audience will enjoy

Disadvantages of sending an email newsletter

  • Newsletters can be a pain to format
  • You are locked into a set publishing schedule
  • Your readers might delay reading your newsletter (or never read it at all)

Option 2: Send notification emails with links to your latest content

Benefits of sending notification emails

  • Your email is focused on one goal
  • Notification emails will be faster to create

Disadvantages of notification emails

  • Your email schedule may be more erratic
  • You might send many emails to your list


Video Live Streaming: BLAB

Blab Lovers: Here’s What to Do After Your Blab.im Session

After a Blab


by Ross Quintana

Ross shares helpful tips on what to do once you end a recorded Blab session.

If you’re now aware of Blab yet, you soon will be. It’s the newest live streaming darling for the video-friendly set.

If you like to chat, meet people, and use Twitter, you’ll love Blab.

If you’re comfortable in front of a camera, you’ll also be impatient to discover how you can use it to add to your content bank.

Ross makes a good case for embedding a Blab on your site.

As a compliment to a written post, it gives people the option to watch a video or read highlights.

It also encourages people to stay on your site longer.

Ross also shares tips for hosting a Blab and taking advantage of the SEO advantages of embedding your recorded Blab on your site.


Digital Marketing

Here’s How Digital Competency Defines Marketing Success

Digital Marketing

By Lee Traupel

Long gone are the days when “literacy” referred only to the ability to read and write.

To navigate this post-industrial, silicon era, we need to be digitally literate.

We need to achieve a level of technical competence that will enable us to tap into the online tools that connect us to family and business.

Lee Traupel of the Linked Media Group gives us several solid reasons why our businesses must be digitally competent and how to achieve that.

Here is a sampling of the Critical Issues to Ensure Digital Competency for you Company.

1. Web analytics is one of the best analysis tools to understand whether your content is driving engagement.

2. Put money in assets you control and own: your brand is renting on social media: all have their idiosyncrasies, demanding technical expertise and they are built to deliver ROI to investors or public markets.

3. Strip down to get heard: logos, taglines, et al. are somewhat passé. Today’s social drenched consumers don’t pay attention to many of these details. Get to market and forget the snazzy “marketing best practices” rules of the road.

4. Reaching your targeted consumer’s home screen is the new SEO: snackable mobile focused content, native apps like Instagram, mobile push notifications, and even short form email.

5. Recognize attention spans have dropped to about 8 seconds on average. Garnering attention requires excellence in tech and creativity.


Google Plus

Is Google Plus Still Relevant to Marketers?

Google Plus relevant cat Whatever

In case you missed it, my follow-up post to this week’s Ray2Go Show includes a summary of our conversation as well as links to the:

YouTube video replay,

Google plus in game






the Soundcloud audio version and the

Ray2Go Soundcloud ep 4







Blab video replay.

Blab replay Ray2Go ep 4





Randy BowdenB.L. OchmanJessica Dewell and I had a dynamic discussion about the dangers of putting all of your eggs in one social basket.

Our other regular panelist Scott Scowcroft bravely hosted our first attempt at running a Blab simulcast of the show.

Next week, Scott will be hosting a pre-Ray2Go Show Blab which will include a screen share of the live show.

Then we’ll all get together in the post-show Blab which I will host immediately following the show.

The topic for next week’s show will be: Can being a trailblazer get you burnt?

If you’d like to be notified of Ray2Go events, leave a comment below, and I’ll put you on our “be sure they know” list.


That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

If you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, drop me a line: ray@rayhiltz.com.

You can view past shows on my YouTube Channel or the audio podcast on Soundcloud.

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