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This week’s marketing roundup:

Content Marketing: – The dangerous confusion of sales and content marketing

Marketing: – Is It Content or Is It Advertising?

SEO: – 6 essential types of SEO Tools for 2016

Social Media: – Pablo by Buffer: Social Media Images

Email Marketing: – More Email Opt-in Ideas Than You Can Eat! (And Some You Never Heard Of)

Video Live-Streaming: – New Blab Interface Rolls Out for October 2015 – BlogAid

Featured HOA: – What You Need to Know About Search – Plus Your Business


Content Marketing

The dangerous confusion of sales and content marketing

The dangerous confusion of sales and content marketingby Tom Webster

I’ve made no secret about being a fan The Marketing Companion Podcast hosted by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster.

Tom is brilliant and wickedly funny. Mark plays the perfect straight man. They could have been headliners in Vaudeville but surprisingly, they weren’t born then.

Tom had made a reference to the subject of this post their recent episode, and I’ve been looking forward to his expanding on it.

The confusion between sales and marketing isn’t new.

But what is new is social media and content marketing. 

Consumers now approach a purchase with as much, if not more information about the product than the person selling it.

Tom quotes Daniel Pink as saying:

“…salespeople need to become “servant sellers,” providing helpful information, answering
questions, and generally providing a good experience—
before any sale is made.”

He points out that it sounds a lot like content marketing.

The article closes with a quote from Peter Drucker that illustrates how pervasive this confusion is between selling and marketing has been.

“A good deal of what is called ‘marketing’ today is at best organized, systematic selling,” (Managing for Results 1964)



Is It Content or Is It Advertising?

Is It Content or Is It Advertising?

By Jack Neff

Continuing the theme of marketing and selling confusion, I came across this Adage article that examines the difficulty of pinning a definition on the term “content marketing”.

The sub-heading pretty well sets the tone: Content Marketing Is Red Hot, but It’s a Term That Is Increasingly ‘Overused and Under-Defined’

Is content marketing just “advertising” as Procter & Gamble Global Brand Officer Marc Pritchard would prefer it being called?

Mr. Neff gives us a couple of definitions of content marketing. One from Forrester:

“producing, curating and sharing content that is based upon customers’ needs and delivers visible value.”

And one from the person most identified with the term, Joe Pulizzi head of the Content Marketing Institute.

“an approach where instead of distracting our audience with advertising that’s not relevant to them, we’re going to create valuable, compelling and relevant content on a consistent basis and build an audience over that time to see some profitable customer action.”

And as Mr. Neff states, ‘that profitable customer action’ doesn’t have to be sales.

It could be increased loyalty, advocacy or something else, depending on the strategy.



6 essential types of SEO Tools for 2016

6 essential types of SEO Tools for 2016

By Alexander Clark

Having a general knowledge of good SEO practices is a must for any business and marketer, especially small and sole entrepreneurs who create content.

Alexander Clark opens his SEO toolbox and shares with us some tools categorized by 6 essential types needed to manage your SEO.

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Rankings
  3. Content Ideas
  4. Link Building
  5. Link Removal
  6. Technical SEO

He breaks them down into, “free”, “Freemium”, and “Paid”.


Social Media

Pablo by Buffer: Social Media Images

Pablo by Buffer: Social Media Images
Do you use Buffer?

I use the Chrome extension often to schedule tweets and posts to several platforms.

It’s very convenient as is this new product they came up with, Pablo

If you want to post an image with a quote quickly, you can in about 30 seconds.

No need to open a specific app or struggle with complex photo manipulation tools.

They include in their launch post a handy social media image size list.

Pablo outputs image sizes at

  • Horizontal – 1,024 x 512
  • Square 1,024 x 1,024
  • Tall – 734 x 1,100

The product includes over 500,000 images and countless quotes. You can also upload your own.


Email Marketing

More Email Opt-in Ideas Than You Can Eat! (And Some You Never Heard Of)

More Email Optin Ideas Than You Can Eat!

In his monster post, Ashley Faulkes gives us more email opt-in options than we can imagine, so I’m glad he broke them down into clear categories.

Ashley promises to show us all the ways we can use opt-in forms to collect email addresses, how effective each method is, and how to implement them.

And he delivers.

Not that I’m an email marketing guru (check my humble opt-in widget on the side – please), but there are so many types and features that I wasn’t aware of.

I always struggle with pop-ups as I don’t like them when I visit other sites.


More Email Optin Ideas Than You Can Eat!

But I guess it’s like negative political advertising, few say they like them, but they seem effective.


Video Live-Streaming

New Blab Interface Rolls Out for October 2015 – BlogAid

Video Live-Streaming: New Blab Interface

by MaAnna Stephenson

So it happened that this week’s Ray2Go Post-Show Blab coincided with the rollout of new features.

This explained why I couldn’t find the record button and consequently missed the first half of the show.

Fortunately, I was advised reboot the Blab and sure enough, like my old PC, it worked. So the Blab below is the part we were able to record.

Coincidentally, it’s also the part where MaAnna joined us to talk about innovation (follow-up to Ray2Go topic) and how she is using Blab.



In this post on her BlogAid site, she walks us through the updates.

  • a full black background
  • new record button
  • new look for comments column, including removing the Questions tab filter
  • new horizontal scroll bars for viewer row and comments area
  • removal of replay thumbnail
  • replays aren’t automatically publicly published; you have to make them visible



Featured  HOA Video:

What You Need to Know About Google Search Now.

What You Need to Know About Google Search Now.

When it comes to SEO, when Eric Enge talks, I listen.

When it comes to Content Marketing and Social Media, Mark Traphagen is one of the people I look to separate the wheat from the chaff.

When they get together, as they did this week on this regular Plus Your Business show hosted by Martin Shervington and produced by Travis Taylor, I knew I was going to be taking notes.

Search has changed.

Who would have thought just a few years ago that SEO would include social media, content marketing, and relationship building. 

Be an expert or go home. ~ Eric EngeClick To Tweet


Here are my notes:

  • It’s our job to be ahead of the “wave” and help our clients navigate it.
  • A Stone Temple study found that over 30% of queries returned an “answer box” in the SERP. (Box appears directly above search results and answers query directly without a follow through link to a site.)
  • Social and Search: MOZ and Buzzsumo study – Content tends to get a lot of shares or a lot of links but not both. A tiny percentage of content gets both, and that is content that is very rich and original.
  • Few people read content even when it gets many shares
  • What is high-quality content?
    • Opinion forming journalism (high authority links)
    • Data-driven studies
    • Long-form content (over 3000 words)
  • Highly useful content – answers what searcher is looking for.
  • We are less platform-centric
  • You have to work to be an authority on something and create authoritative content
  • Quality, just cranking it out doesn’t get you anywhere. Default to quality.
  • Build relationships with newbies, peers, and influencers.
  • The value of social media is in the relationships you form there.
  • Digital marketing happens within a living organization. Keep marketing human.
  • The future will be less browser specific as our portal to the internet will be ‘voice’ and not ‘keyboard’.



That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

If you haven’t already, check out my post – Ray2Go Show blog post: Does it Pay to be a Trailblazer – Ray2Go Show Ep.5 which includes video and audio replays.

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