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I’ve recently heard it said, and now believe it’s true that it’s impossible to actually be a social media strategist.

Even though I continue to brand myself as such, I do because it’s the closest label that describes what I do – help clients build and execute a social media marketing plan.

A strategist works from a firm foundation of knowledge acquired over time and through experience.

Social media is anything but a solid foundation. It changes constantly.

So a major part of being a strategist is “skating to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.

Working in the digital marketing space is to wake each day and jump into the unknown.

This week’s marketing roundup:

Google News – New ways to get work done with Google Docs

SEO –  Improve your site’s ranking with quality content and user experience.

Content Marketing – 10 commandments of content marketing.

Social Media – To achieve Social Media Marketing success, prepare for the long haul.

Video – Log in to a Crowdcast broadcast with email

Video of the Week – The #holyshiftshow 32: Blab, Hangouts, Crowdcast – Livecasting, 


Google Drive News

New ways to get work done with Google Docs

If you’re a regular user of Google Drive, you’re going to love this.

Google just tweaked a few of the most popular Drive products. (from the Google For Work site)

1. There’s a new Research feature in the Docs Android app.

You pull quotes, facts and images from Google search into your docs without having to leave the app.



2. New Explore feature in Google Sheets.

It’s a tool designed to help you visualize, summarize and interpret your data.

Select some data, open the Explore panel (available on the web and Android) and you’ll instantly see a selection of charts and text-based insights that help bring meaning to your numbers.



3. Google Forms gets a refresh.

Google added new themes and the option to add your photo or logo.

You can choose from a wide selection of question types and even add images and gifs to your forms.

4. New Templates for  Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

5. There is a “see new changes” option in Docs that allows you to track changes made by your team.

Track changes in Google Docs


6. Voice typing. I especially look forward to using this

They’ve made improvements to voice transcription that make even long-form dictation a breeze. It supports more than 40 different languages.

To start, just turn on voice typing from the tools menu in Google Chrome.

Voice typing


Google’s got a brand new look. 

Google New Look


Content Quality and User Experience are Important Ranking Factors for Your Site.


delighted website visitor


In his article, How The 100 User Model Can Change Your Approach To On-Page SEOEric Enge writes that Google is paying more attention to factors other than keywords and backlinks when ranking a page.

In its ongoing goal to give us the most relevant results, Google rewards sites with better ranking that provide users quality experiences.

Elements like slow loading, poor navigation and low quality or confusing content are increasingly being penalized.

Eric summarizes this by saying…

“Traditional aspects of SEO still matter, but the concept of increasing user satisfaction with the pages of your site has become good SEO, too.”



“You should invest the time and effort to understand better what visitors to your site are looking for.

“This impacts design for sure, but also your business model, your product offerings, site structure, and ultimately, SEO.”


“If you want to be a winner in SEO in the long term, you are going to have to deliver superior user experiences on your website.”



Content Marketing

The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing

10 commandments of content marketing


by Brian Solis

A couple years after being the “next big thing”, the definition of Content Marketing is still pretty blurry.

And even more confusing is the metrics you use to judge the success of your content marketing strategy.

Brian starts off by making the point that content marketing is not the same as “engagement”.

Just because you get someone’s attention doesn’t mean your audience actually cares. ~ Brian SolisClick To Tweet

Numbers do not reflect engagement. They measure activity.

He makes what seems an obvious point that there are humans on the other side of your content. To help us do the three things he says matter the most in developing a content marketing strategy:  relevance, resonance and significance (R.R.S) he gives us ten commandments to shake off mediocrity.

Read the full article for details:

1. Don’t chase shiny objects

2. Stop operating against a content marketing calendar.

3. Refrain from exclusively following case studies of people “doing great content.”

4. Don’t you dare use technology to “scale your shit.”

5. Shift from views or impressions as metrics and instead track performance and outcomes.

6. Don’t assume you have one audience.

7. Stop creating content for people who will approve it (like your CMO or client).

8. Stop reaching out to people only when you need them.

9. Stop selling.

10. Stop investing in “Mediumism. (mediumism is placing inordinate value on channels over people.)


Social Media

Why it takes so long to achieve social media success

As Mark Schaefer says:

“If you’re impatient, social media is probably the wrong marketing channel for you.”

Here’s a chart that illustrates why.

Social Media Marketing awareness goals

There are a few themes in this post that I hear played throughout any typical day I waste reading social media posts about best social media practices.

The main one Mark plays here is the false promise of social media marketing replacing traditional marketing.

Or worse in many cases I experienced with clients, confusing the two.

Even though I am aware and advise people to prepare for a marathon, not a sprint when starting a social media marketing strategy,

I was surprised to see the above chart indicates that you have to work very hard on your social media for 3 to 4 years before you see an impact on sales.

The chart comes from research released by Social Media Examiner and relates to smaller businesses.

This is important because large brands have more resources to spend on social media and also can afford employing many other marketing channels simultaneously.

One reason for such slow progress is that social media engagement is built on “weak relational links”.

Anyone who has tried to tap into their social media network for a sales CTA will attest to that.


Social media marketing is not advertising.

Advertising drives immediate awareness, and its only reason is the sale.

Advertising is losing it effectiveness because more people are blocking ads, reading fewer journals and turning away from anything that smells like a “pitch”.

Mark points out that as many traditional kinds of advertising are presenting diminishing returns, it’s wise to start up that social media marketing curve sooner than later.




Crowdcast login


Have you tried CrowdCast yet?

One of the reasons the platform appeals to me is the ease with which people can attend and participate.

You can log in with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and now email.

For more details on CrowdCast, check out this issue of the Weekly Marketing Roundup.



This Week’s Featured Video

#holyshiftshow 32: Blab, Hangouts, Crowdcast – Livecasting, It’s an AND Thing!

Holy Shift Show


As video platforms continue to propagate like rabbits, it’s interesting to see how HOA veterans like Elaine Nieberdling handle the challenge of which one to use. 

What makes the choice particularly challenging is that each platform has its distinct advantages.

Google+ Hangouts On Air is a free premium video broadcasting platform loaded with features and options.

This complexity is also why it has largely failed to break into general use by non-Google Plussers.

CrowdCast has all the benefits of Hangouts because it uses HOAs as the video platform.  It’s referred to a “wrapper”.

What makes it attractive to broadcasters and others who do webinars is that it is highly interactive. The commenting system is built-in – unlike an HOA where you need to use a third-party app.

The biggest advantage is you can invite people without them needing to enter the dreaded Google+ gate.

Blab is the new kid on the block – and a very popular one. Many long time HOA show hosts are jumping over to the new platform for its simplicity, interactivity, and reach. I also noticed many using Blab as a pre and post show green room.

It’s integrated with Twitter, so you reach people outside of your usual viewers on Google+.

So when in doubt, do them all. That seems to be what Elaine is doing.

Being someone who finds it challenging to manage Comment Tracker during my show while paying attention to my guests and topic, I’m not sure how she does it.

But by watching her in action, she’s managing very well.

Her show is always lively and her guests, smart.

This week, she had three of my favourite G+ friends, Mark TraphagenEli Fennell and Christine L Bowen.


That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

If you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, here’s my email: ray@rayhiltz.com.

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