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This Week’s Marketing Roundup

Content Marketing – How to Use the 3-Act Structure To Improve Your Content Marketing / Should You Outsource Content Marketing? 11 Questions to Consider 

Social Media Marketing – A Ton of Useful Information on Social Media marketing Measurement!

Social Media – Why You Should Share Your Blog Post More Than Once on Social Media: The Case for Reposting Content

SEO – On-Site SEO Basics Guide

Marketing – Are You Offering Too Many Choices?

Google – What is Google Drive? – A complete user guide.

Video Live Streaming – Blab Your Way to More Visibility – Build Your Audience Fast 


Content Marketing

How to Use the 3-Act Structure To Improve Your Content Marketing

Star Wars 3 Act Timeline

by Jonathan Chan

In our rush to get content out there, we get trapped in “best of’s” and “What the Bucolic Plague Can Tell You About SEO” type posts.

There’s a lot of posts written about the importance of telling a story but unless you’re a professional communicator, most of us struggle with it.

We’re used to broadcasting messages not telling stories.

I like Jonathan’s article because it sets out the basic three act structure that we learn in creating writing classes:

  • the Setup,
  • the Confrontation, and
  • the Solution

He also explains how to use them to not only tell but show your brand’s story.


– Your audience is the hero of the story, you’re the wise mentor helping them on their journey

– Focus on the challenges your audience faces, and how you can help them overcome them

– There is always more than one way to present a single piece of information


Should You Outsource Content Marketing?

11 Questions to Consider

Outsource Content Marketing

by Neil Patel

Creating content that represents your brand and is helpful to your audience takes a lot of time and resources – whether it’s text, video, or podcasts.

So what do you do?

Find a budding Hemingway among your team or outsource to a professional content marketing resource.

Neil Patel draws up a list of 11 questions to ask yourself that will help you decide whether to outsource or do it yourself.

Article includes a number of informative tables and charts.

Here’s some sample questions:

– Does anyone on your team have the skills you need?

– What kind of budget do you have for content marketing?

– Would you rather work with freelancers or agencies?

– How much of your content will contain private/personal data?

– Do they have an area of expertise? Is it relevant?


Social Media Marketing

A Ton of Useful Information on Social Media marketing Measurement!

Social Media Measurement

Mark Schaefer includes, yes a ton of useful information in this post.

It includes a slide-share, with a list of key ideas from the presentation and a Blab replay with analytics expert Rob Petersen

Here are a few of the points made in the slide-share:

– Awareness – engagement – ROI … what to expect.

– When you have an integrated marketing campaign, how do you tell the value of social media marketing?

– “Conversations – Amplification – Applause” and the importance to your business.

– Expanding social media value beyond ROI The importance of qualitative measures

– The most important metric that I use with all of my clients



Social Media

Why You Should Share Your Blog Post More Than Once on Social Media

The Case for Reposting Content

reposting content

By Belle Beth Cooper

This is an older post – 2013 – almost ancient in internet years. 

But it’s very much as relevant today.

Many content creators struggle with how many times you should repost an article.

I’ve gone back and forth but have settled on a process.

For example, I post the same article on Twitter at least 4 times a day. (You’ll have to change-up the heading or text).

Reasons for that are:

– Different time zones.

– Even most loyal followers can easily miss it in their streams.

– Better opportunity to reach new followers.

Article also includes and tips for recycling your content.




SEO Basic Guide

by Steve Bonin

Long gone are the days when SEO was the reserve of mysterious geeks who spoke a foreign net-speak dialect to explain how they will make your website appear on the first page of SERPs.

Basic SEO knowledge for any web writer is as necessary a skill as good grammar and formatting.

Steve does a great job of clearly explaining the basics such as how Google ranks websites, keyword planning and the importance of Meta and title tags.

You you run your business on a WordPress site, I also recommend highly the Yoast SEO Plugin.  

It’s like having a SEO expert looking over your shoulder reminding you to insert those keywords and tags.



Are You Offering Too Many Choices?

Too many brand choices

by Scott Monty “The Monty Minute”

Scott Monty recounts a story from Tom Webster that I first heard on the Podcast Tom does with Mark Schaefer: The Marketing Companion.

It’s one of those stories you hear that is a “aha” moment.

It has to do with how we decide. And yes, many of us take a very rational approach comparing pros and cons but in the end it all comes down to emotion.

Because there are so many products out there, Scott explains it’s up to marketers to connect with the emotions of customers.

Read the story about Patient Elliott and you’ll understand.



What is Google Drive?

A complete user guide.

Google Drive Guide


I included a post about Google Doc features you probably didn’t know about in last week’s Marketing Roundup.

Google Docs is just one product in the Google Drive suite of productivity tools that also include Sheets, Forms, Presentation and Drawing.

So if you thought there was a lot to explore in Docs, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”.

Martin Shervington writes an exhaustive guide to Google Drive via Plus Your Business.

He breaks drive to 4C’s:

  1. Cloud Storage
  2. Content Creation
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communication
Google Drive Guide 2

He takes us step by step from accessing Google Drive to managing settings and sharing folders with clear screen captures and directions.


Video Live Streaming

Blab Your Way to More Visibility

Build Your Audience Fast

Visibility with Blab


Do you really think I could do a marketing roundup without a Blab post?

In business, we have to go where the audience is and it seems everyone is on Blab.

While there are many “how-to” articles about Blab, Denise Wakeman takes another angle and shows us how even being as an audience member to a Blab can help us extend our reach.

Blab’s integration with Twitter allows many more people to “discover” you than a Google+ Hangout could.

A few examples she lists are:

  • By subscribing to a specific show, your name shows up in the Chat as having subscribed and others can easily click on your image to follow you on both Blab and Twitter.
  • When you participate in the live text chat, you are seen by the host and guests as well as the rest of the audience (a great way to connect with new folks).  
  • When you tweet about the show, you are seen and appreciated by the show host.  You’re also doing a service for your Twitter followers, letting them know about a show they may want to watch.



The Ray2Go Show Blab

Are You Too Old To Work in Digital Marketing – Ray2Go Ep7

And speaking of Blab, join our Post Ray2Go Show Blab every Tuesday at 2:50Pm immediately after the show.

Here is the video replay and podcast from last week’s Blab.

We continued our conversation about ageism in digital marketing.


Video Replay



Audio Replay


That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

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