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Google Plus Posts of the Week


Welcome to the second edition of my curated list of Google+ related posts that I found particularly relevant, entertaining and provocative.

Although the list is done weekly, at times I will pull an evergreen post from my Spundge notebook because it addresses current issues being talked about around the Google+ water cooler.

In this collection, you’ll find articles about Hummingbird, Semantic Search, Authorship and the recent updates to Google Plus Hangouts, images and video.

As always, I welcome your feedback. If there are any particular topics you’d like to see more of, let me know in the comments below.

Google+ Hangouts and Photos: save some time, share your story

Google+ Hangouts and Photos: save some time, share your story 

Why you should read:

The big news in Google land on Tuesday was the rolling out of layout and editing updates to Hangouts, Videos and Photos.

For anyone serious about pumpin’ up their content publishing, especially in regards to their “brand narrative”, these updates establishes Google Plus’s supremacy as a free online content marketing platform

Lots of “awesomeness!”


Preview: via Google Official Blog

We could all use more time for ourselves, and less time figuring out technology. So today’s improvements to Google+ Hangouts and Photos aim to take a lot of the work out of messaging, video calling and photo editing. Hangouts Hangouts enable conversations among close friends, as well as broadcasts with the entire world. Today we’re improving both: Hangouts for Android now supports location sharing and SMS. This way you can send a map of your…

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Are You Still Playing Russian Roulette with Google?

Are You Still Playing Russian Roulette with Google?


Why you should read:

Demian is one of my favourite writers on Google+ and this SEO attitude adjustment post demonstrates why. He uses analogies to illustrate the relevancy of Hummingbird and semantic search. (the toddler/milk one is great) and gives us a checklist to build our brand authority. 

“(Hummingbird)…not about the words you use when searching … it’s all about the meaning of those words.” 


via Demian Farnsworth for Copyblogger. 

Yep, here we are once again … on the back side of another huge Google algorithm change wondering how it will impact SEO. Every online publisher and her brother has since rushed to spill ink on the topic because we all want to know: how can we please Google? Not like souless robotic spammers, of course. But like people who sincerely believe they deserve to rank highly (even if that becomes a less meaningful metric by the day). Because, well,…
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Have top Google influencers author your sites to appease Hummingbird

Have top Google influencers author your sites to appease Hummingbird
Why you should read:

Chris Abraham takes a bit of a twist on “influence marketing” by suggesting that brands hire “Google Influencers” for their content. By doing so, you’ll raise the search result like those thousands of helium balloons did Carl Fredricksen in the movie UP

I’m not sure how far his tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. Read and let me know what you think.


via  Biznology ·

It’s a great time to be passionate about social media, the Internet, online community, and the Google suite of products and services: Google’s about to reward you big-time just as Google pulls the rug out from under the feet of traditional SEO link strategies. Good for you, bad for online business. Be sure to monetize while you can. In my analogy, Google Hummingbird will require each website owner to find one or more social media passion-players and woo, hire, pay,…

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Social Media Images: 5 Ways to Go Viral

Social Media Images: 5 Ways to Go Viral


Why you should read:

Heidi Cohen follows up on the study, “Exploring Image Virality in Google Plus” (pdf) by Marco Guerini  Jacopo Staiano and Davide Albanese which I referenced in last week’s picks.

The reason Heidi has one of the top marketing blogs is because her research is thorough and her tips, actionable.

In this post she gives gives us 5 Ways to make social media images go viral.



via  Heidi Cohen  

Google+ Research Findings [Charts Included] To determine social media content virality, particularly images, Marco Guerini, Jacopo Staiano and Davide Albanese in their paper, “Exploring Image Virality in Google Plus,” analyzed the contents and characteristics of Google+ posts. Their findings can be applied to social media images and other post content. This research is consistent with earlier research about making social media and images go viral by Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, and by Phillip Isola, Devi Parikh, Antonio Torralba and…
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Authorship Is Dead, Long Live Authorship

Authorship Is Dead, Long Live Authorship
Why you should read:

In another classic post, SEO and Marketing expert, AJ Kohn digs deep into the mysteries surrounding Google Authorship and Author Rank.

Does Authorship directly affect search? Does Author Rank exist?

AJ cites evidence that Google’s moved on from Authorship to “Inferred” Authorship and tells us why.

Compelling reading.


via AJ Kohn for Blind Five Year Old 

SEO Google’s Authorship program is still a hot topic. A constant string of blog posts, conference sessions and ‘research’ projects about Authorship and the idea that it can be used as a ranking signal fill our community. Yet, the focus on the actual markup and clock-watching when AuthorRank might show up may not be the best use of time. Would it surprise you to learn that the Authorship Project at Google has…
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