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I am a camera

Pardon me while I blab about “Blab“.  

Seems everyone is talking about live video streaming and Blab is taking the marketing world by storm.


Whether it does the same for “civilians” is to be seen.

It seems in these very early days there are a lot of Google Hangout people checking it out and liking it.

The platform addresses the Hangout’s greatest weakness, complexity.

Blab is simple to use whether you’re a host or participant. Google Hangouts, especially Hangouts on Air are anything but simple.

Unlike Meerkat, and Periscope Blab allow you to have a 4-way video chat with your Twitter friends.

I heard about Blab a few weeks ago from my pal, Scott Scowcroft, who is our video specialist on the #RayBunch show.

This week, B.L. Ochman, invited me to try one out.

We did, and the experience was better than I anticipated.


Within seconds, the comment stream was full of people – some friends and some new friends. (Blab is public.)

B.L. invited a few in and apart from some uncertainty the mechanics of the platform, it was an enjoyable experience.

Due to its integration with Twitter, it had the feeling of video “Twitter chat”.

I’ve since participated in several “Blabs”.

Below, I share more opinions and resources about Blab.


On to this week’s Marketing News:

VIDEO – Goodbye Google Hangouts, Hello Blab?

Google+ Tips – Google+ Collections for every Profile/Page

Google Chrome now defers playback of autoplay media

Social Media –  Social and Content Marketing Insourcing – a Trend?

Content Marketing – Is Podcasting Replacing Blogging?

SEO – Top SEO Mistakes to Correct

Video of the Week – Blab vs. Hangouts with Ronnie Bincer [Blab]



Goodbye Google Hangouts, Hello Blab.IM!

Blab logo

by Brian Fanzo

Brian has enthusiastically embraced Blab.

In fact, he says in this article, that he farewell to Hangouts Video Chats and is now investing his time building his community through Blab.

I share Brian’s enthusiasm for the following features:

Four Video Squares

Given the ease with which to pop guests in and out of the video, this isn’t the issue I thought it might be being used to Hangouts cap at ten guests.

Mobile App

It renders very well on mobile. Fort the time being, the app is only on iOS, but you can access Blab on the Chrome browser of your Android and even start a Blab from there.

Twitter Integration

I love this.

You sign in with your Twitter handle and it auto-generates each participant’s (on air and in comments) Twitter handle as well.

The result is an opportunity to build your network on Twitter. As the show progresses, people are given the chance to tweet the Blab from the right side of the platform using the “Tell a Little Bird” button.


The biggest problem with Google+ Hangouts, especially Hangouts On Air, was the nearly impenetrable wall of technology between the user and the platform.

On Blab, you click the “join+” button.

If you’re on Chrome (and it works best on Chrome) you can set your camera and mic from a little icon that appears on the far right of your browser address bar.

Oh, and giving “Props” or “feels” is fun:


Blab giving props

Video, audio and Replay embed –

after the Blab is over you receive an email with a link to download the raw audio file (Great for podcasting), raw video file (Cropped and sized but without the comments) as well as the embed code to add to a blog.”

Schedule and subscribe –

When starting a Blab, we’re give the option to start now or later. This is a super method to build an audience ahead of time. Those that subscribes=d will receive a push notification when the show goes live.

Blab Team very responsive –

Community manager, Brittany Metz runs a user suggestion page where users submit features and changes they’d like to see on the platform.

She responds quickly and candidly. 

Here’s an example:

Blab response to suggestion


Here are a couple more Blab resources:

BLAB Tips & Tricks by Brittany Metz @teamblab

A Quick Introduction to ‘Blab’! Plus Your Business 


Google+ Tips

Google+ Collections for every Profile/Page






No More Wondering Where the Hell That Audio is Coming From

Google Chrome will now defer playback of autoplay media until the tab is foregrounded.





Social Media

Insourcing, the Next Social Media and Content Marketing Trend?

Insourcing Marketing

by Jay Baer

In Mark Schaefer’s post: 5 Reasons Companies Are Bringing Their Marketing In-House,  Mark cites external reasons why companies were choosing to bring their marketing in-house such as:

  • The company was too big to react quickly enough to the “lightning-fast” digital space.
  • Agencies tended to focus solely on advertising to the detriment of social and content marketing.
  • “Campaign” mentality
  • “Can you outsource relationships?”
  • A company is best placed to reach out to and build a community based on its specific culture.

Jay Baer takes this a bit further and looks at the challenges of doing social and content marketing in-house.

Social and Content have two fundamental problems:

…they don’t scale particularly well when using dedicated resources, and there are few economies of scale to be had.

It’s labor intensive, period. Second, communication about and from the company often isn’t’ particularly resonant to people who are viewing corporate social messages side-by-side with updates from their closest friends and family members.”

In other words, social and content is everyone’s job.

“The days of one social media manager handling Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the rest is coming to a close (as is the era of the one or two person content marketing team) and the same way all of us have a corporate email address and phone number, we’ll all (or nearly all) have a role to play on behalf of the company in social and content marketing, eventually.”

Jay admits we’re not there yet but suggests the future may lie with “predictive modeling.”

Check the article out and let Jay know what you think.


Content Marketing

Is Podcasting Replacing Written Content Marketing?

Spoken vs written words



Is audio replacing the written word in content marketing?

It would seem so by the proliferation of podcasts and video streaming we see in our social streams lately.

Pamela lists some reasons why podcasting is so popular such as the ability to consume the content while you’re

  • Walking
  • Driving a car
  • Cleaning house or
  • Walking through a grocery store

Along with the gym, these are when I listen to podcasts.

On the other hand, she builds a solid case for the written word.

  • Easy-to-follow links to additional content
  • Post images that add meaning to our words
  • Downloadable PDFs you can keep for reference
  • One-click access to author archives if you’d like to read more
  • Easy access to social sharing buttons so you can spread the word

So, “Is podcasting replacing written content marketing?”

You’ll have to read Pamela’s article to read her answer.

What do you think?



Top SEO Mistakes You Need to Check and Fix

Top SEO Mistakes

by Robin Strohmaier

Very happy I came across this post by Robin. She covers  a lot of territory that is especially helpful to new bloggers and content creators.

Each common “mistake” she lists is accompanied by a detailed action plan.

For instance, a common mistake is not including “alt tags” on images used in your post.


Do your images have descriptive file names and alt tags? Image SEO begins with an accurate descriptive file name. For example, for an image of red roses:

Instead of: DSC04011.JPG, name the file, red-roses.jpg

The alt tag in this example would be, alt=”Red roses”

Action Plan:

Conduct a website audit on your website’s images to make sure that each image has a unique file name and alt tag that accurately describes it.



Looking for some free music to accompany your Cannes Film Fest entry or HOA broadcast?

YouTube just added 1000 new tracks to their library.

Surely, you’ll find that perfect theme music. (I know, don’t call you “Shirley.)







Video of the Week

Blab with Ronnie, Ray Chef

I’m ending where I started – with Blab

This was an excellent Blab hosted by Ronnie Bincer and Chef Dennis Littley that I had the pleasure of joining.

A lot of ideas were pitched and questions answered about the platform.

Also discussed was the difference between Blab and Hangouts.


That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

If you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, here’s my email: ray@rayhiltz.com.

You can view past shows on my YouTube Channel or the audio podcast on Soundcloud.

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