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Ray Marketing Roundup - Interdependence Day

“All have their worth, and each contributes to the worth of the others.” 
J.R.R. Tolkien


Before I share this week’s marketing news, I’d like to share something that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

We get so caught up in “keeping up” and searching for that magic app that we lose sight of the most important business app.- The golden rule.

“Treat others as you would like them to treat you.”

Reciprocity powers relationships.

Businesses were built on relationships long before the internet yet we behave as if it’s brand new when confronted with online marketing.

The tools are new, the principles remain the same.

You’ll find this a common theme in my choices this week especially in Eric Enge’s article: Maximizing Engagement on Google Plus and my featured HOA, The Website – A Cornerstone of Visibility.


In this week’s Marketing News:

Google+ News – 

Google Plus, the conversation platform.  Maximizing Engagement on Google Plus

Social Media – 

Your Social Culture begins with a Social Media Policy. (guide

Sing your heart out on Twitter. Removing the 140-character limit from Direct Messages

SEO – 

150 Experts share opinions on current and future SERP ranking factors. Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

Video – 

Upload, schedule and share all your video content from Buffer.  Buffer for Video

Featured HOA: – 

How can you increase your business visibility? The Website – A Cornerstone of Visibility



Google+ News


Maximize Google Engagement


Featured Article:  Maximizing Engagement on Google Plus

– by Eric Enge – Stone Temple Consultants

Eric Enge begins the video included in this post by having Mark Traphagen ask a question we probably all have

“Why should we bother with Google+ at all when so many have written it off as dead. Why would you go ahead with a study on engagement on the network?”

Eric’s reply:

“…Given the uncoupling of Google+ with the rest of Google products, it’s actually the best time to do this study because Google+ will be focussed on sharing interest shared content.”


This could “breathe new life in the network and attract more users.”

People who are not active on Google+ will still stay away.

But people who want to meet and engage with people around shared interest, have the best platform on which to do that.

There are several key points taken from this study of over 33 thousand Google+ posts:

1 – Images have a powerful effect on G+ engagement.

No surprise here as Google has always been known as the best place to post photos.

2 – “Plus Mentions” (where someone puts a “+” sign in front of a name that notifies that person they’ve been mentioned) gets many more reshares ( 7.48x’s ) than a regular post.

This draws people to your post, and because we do have egos, we’re more likely to share something that reflects well on us.

3 – The biggest surprise for me was that sharing videos on Google+ (especially those auto shared from YouTube) has fewer chances of engagement.


Google Plus Engagement chart

The last takeaway is the one I believe Google Plus’s USP:

Google+ posts between 500-1000 characters get the most engagement.

Google Plus is a discussion platform.Click To Tweet



Social Media

social media policy


Establishing A Clear Social Media Policy Helps Employees Share [Guide]

via Postbeyond.com by Daniel Hebert

One of the biggest worries companies have about going “social” is the fear that an employee is going to torpedo their business by tweeting something inappropriate.

This is not a “social media” problem, it’s a management one.

As with every other aspect of your business, a clear set of expectations need to be communicated.


Daniel Hebert of PostBeyond.com offers one of the best Social Policy Guides I’ve come across.

This is a downloadable PDF that will demonstrate the different parts you need to include in a social media policy:

  • Provide an introduction your enterprise’s policy
  • Explain the purpose of social media usage at work
  • Define what social media means for your enterprise
  • Protect your company and customer information
  • Best-practices on how to represent the company
  • Reminder of copyrights and fair use
  • The company’s ethical standards
  • Examples of what to say and what not to say
  • General guidelines on social media etiquette

Access the guide here: Learn How To Create An Employee Social Media Policy



Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit from DM’s

Twitter DM gif


Removing the 140-character limit from Direct Messages

via Twitter

I’ve never been a big fan of Twitter Direct Message.

I’ve used them to continue a conversation or to exchange personal information – usually with a service provider.

I find my DM stream is filled with spam or automated “Thank you for the follow, please like my…”

“We want to make sure you can really fluidly move between public and private,” he says. Among other things, removing the 140-character cap on messages make it easier for businesses to conduct customer service over DMs.”  


My question is: If you want to carry on a detailed conversation with customer service, wouldn’t it be just as effective to call or email?

Will you be taking advantage of this upgrade?



Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015


Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

via MOZ

SEO is a never-ending quest to rate above your competitors for prime real estate on Google search engine results page (SERP).

In this article, Moz presents survey data from over 150 marketing professionals specializing in Search Engine Optimization.

“Their answers provide insight into the inner workings of the search marketing both now and in the future. The…data represents the opinions of our respondents of the various weighting of factors thought to be used (or not used) in Google’s search algorithm.”


5 of the ten tables represented are:

1. Google’s Broad Search Ranking Algorithm (with definitions of ranking factors)

2. Page-Level Keyword Usage Features

3. Page-Level Keyword Agnostic Features (length of page, load speed, etc.)

4. Page-Level Link-Based Features ( number of links, PageRank, etc.)

5. Page-Level Social Metrics:  These features relate to third-party metrics from social media sources (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Page level social metrics

The survey also includes an infographic displaying these expert’s predictions for what may change in ranking factors over the next 12 months.

A few highlights:

Predicted to increase in Impact:

Mobile friendliness

Analysis of site/page’s perceived value.

Quantity/quality of instant answers provided in SERPs.

Predicted to stay the same:

Topical relevance of links

Quality of paid results on SERPs

Social Signals (shares, likes, +1’s)

Predicted to decrease in Impact

The effectiveness of paid links

Influence of anchor text



Buffer for Video

Buffer does Video


Having just added the opportunity to share Instagram photos, Buffer now enables us to upload our videos and schedule them to post on multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

You can upload video of up to 1 gigabyte in the file formats of mp4, mov, or avi.

I tried it out today and the first try failed.

It took forever to upload a 3 minute video then stalled at 99%.

I cancelled and tried again – this time successfully.

Once uploaded, it allowed me to choose the thumbnail then post immediately or schedule.
Buffer video

I scheduled the tweet to appear on my Facebook Page, G+ Page, and Twitter.

As I write this, it has only appeared on Twitter.

On Facebook, it behaves like a regularly uploaded video.

You’ll get a notification that the video is processing and notified when it’s ready.

At that point, you have the usual options of adding title, thumbnail etc..

On my Hootsuite feed, it showed as a link – no thumbnail or embedded video.

On the Twitter web page, there was an option to see view “media” in the lower right corner.

When clicked, this is what it looked like.
Video render of Buffer post


The thumbnail I chose wasn’t there.

Could be that the feature was just rolled out and it’s not ready for prime time. 

I’ll continue to play with it.  Given the importance of video, it’s a good way to get your tweets noticed.


Featured HOA

The Website - Cornerstone of visibility

The Website – A Cornerstone of Visibility

with Hosts: John Moore and Marilyn Moore & special guest host: Gina Fiedel

Panel: Ammon JohnsMark Traphagen  – David Amerland

How do you achieve visibility for your business.

There is a treasure of rock solid business advice in this HOA – not just on websites but on where you should be placing your priorities as a business.

I’ll just paraphrase a little of what Mark said in response to Ammon’s comment on the Event Page:

“…break out of our pattern of looking for “magic tricks” and “quick fixes”. You have to cut through the flood of content and advice and do what you already know how to do as a good business person and extend that on to the online world.”


Video replay:


That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

if you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, here’s my email: ray@rayhiltz.com.

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2 Responses to “Rays Weekly Marketing Roundup | Google Plus, Social, SEO, Video”

  1. Thanks so much for featuring our latest guide in your round-up Ray!

    I’m also interested to see how the character limit on Twitter DMs will play out. I personally sent a few back-and-forths with people where I could have used a few extra characters. But when the conversations becomes too heavy, I usually try to switch it to email.

    Daniel Hebert
    Digital Marketing Manager

    • My pleasure, Daniel.
      It’s a great resource and one that everyone knows they should have, but like doing regular backups, rarely do.
      I don’t think Twitter is the place for extended conversation. Perhaps they want people to spend more time there.

      Just noticed they put the wallpaper back on the account pages.
      Don’t recall seeing any posts about that. Hmmm.

      Thanks, Daniel. Have a great weekend.
      I’m totally enjoying the Jay’s action.
      Even subscribed to MLB app so I can watch the games.

      Was at the ’93 one where they won their second World Series in a row.

      Have a good weekend.

      *Ray Hiltz*


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