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Weekly Marketing News - People are like plants 

In this week’s Marketing News:

Google News – The New Google Plus: Will Tighter Focus Lead To Success?

Social Media – Twitter Analytics: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

SEO – Most Important Trends in SEO

Content Marketing – How To Build A Successful Business Blog

Video / HOA –

5 Top Tips for Broadcasting Hangouts on Air

How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website



Google News

The New Google Plus: Will Tighter Focus Lead To Success?

via Mark Traphagen for MarketingLand.

A new life for Google Plus


There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled over the recent changes to Google+. I shared some thoughts and links to articles in last week’s post: Google+ removes its social spine.

No one knows Google+ as intimately as Mark Traphagen. He’s been there from the beginning and in his role of Senior Director of Online Marketing at Stone Temple Consulting, he takes nothing at face value.

In this article, Mark

  • reviews the original grand experiment behind Google+ (now being abandoned)
  • examines the clues over the past year that something new was in the works and
  • covers the first hints at what that new direction might be

He takes us through the germination of the idea that stemmed from Vic Gundotra’s concern that Facebook was about to leave Google “in the dust”.

The Gundotra vision was social should be at the heart of everything Google does.

Mark sums up the contrasting visions that led to Gundrota’s leaving the company and Bradley Horowitz‘s reexamination of that vision in this sentence:   

“Vic Gundotra’s “Google+ IS Google” vs. Bradley Horowitz’s “Interest Based Social Experience.”

Conclusion: Google+ is not dead – but looking much slimmer.  

Read Mark’s article for a detailed analysis with insights into what happened and what’s expected to come – especially with Google having acquired the AI (Artificial Intelligence)company, DeepMind.


Social Media

Guide to Twitter Analytics

via Ian Cleary of RazorSocial

Twitter Analytics


7 Essential Analytics to Monitor on Twitter

My web tool guy, Ian Cleary offers an easy to follow guide to optimizing your Twitter strategy. (You do have a strategy, right?)

Twitter has become ubiquitous to we who labour in the digital marketing fields. It’s easy to forget at times, that it’s much more than a news and gossip source.

It’s a powerful tool with which to build relationships, reach and trust.

The article includes the following infographic and Soundcloud podcast of the post. (Worth the listen especially if you enjoy an Irish brogue.)

Twitter Analytics infograph



Leading Trends in SEO

Important Trends in SEO

I’m a regular reader of Brent Carnduff’s weekly “Your SEO Insider” on Steamfeed.

Although we don’t share tastes in sports teams (Oakland A’s – really?), we do share online friends and a passion for communications.
In this post, Brent celebrates publishing his 50th issue of his weekly SEO insider.

To mark this occasion, he surveyed some of the most trusted names in the SEO industry to grab insights as to what they thought were the most important SEO trends and strategies.
You’ll recognize many of these experts.

Here’s a small  sampling:

Eric Enge: CEO and Author at Stone Temple Consulting

“I think the most important trend is that Google is getting better and better are measuring two things:

1. Content Quality 2. User Engagement with the Pages of Your Site

These are increasingly becoming ranking factors, and for that reason, business owners/marketers need to be investing more and more energy in understanding what users are doing, or want to be doing, on their site.”

Ana Hoffman: Head barista at the Traffic Generation Cafe and author of the Weekly Marketing Skinny

“Your content should be geared towards answering specific questions your audience has/might have.

Respond to their pain. Solve their problems. The closer you get to it, the more likely Google is to rank your site for niche-specific terms.”

Phil Rozek: Author at LocalVisibilitySystem

“Online reviews are huge, getting huger by the year, and more relevant to SEO than you might think.”

Content Marketing

How To Build A Successful Business Blog.

How To Build A Successful Business Blog

by Rebekah Radice

Are you questioning whether to start a business blog or to spruce up your underperforming current one?

Rebekah Radice has shown through prolific blogging and content sharing that she walks the talk.
This is a detailed article that helps you answer the question:

“Is A Business Blog Really Important?”

She goes on to include a guide that includes listing the nuts and bolts of creating a blog and establishing your voice and brand.

Here are a few questions Rebekah believes you should ask yourself before taking the first step. 

  • How much time can you devote to writing new posts each week?
  • How many posts can you realistically write (and post) each week?
  • Will you be the only one contributing to the blog or will others be writing content?
  • Where will you capture content ideas –  stories, tips, answers to reader questions? I find it easiest to use Google Drive. This makes my list accessible, no matter the device.
  • What day of the week will you post your first article? (once the first one is live, get that day and time into your calendar. Begin to track your results in Google Analytics)
  • Create an editorial calendar to maintain focus and keep your blogging efforts on track. Here’s a sample and breakdown of how to best create your own.
Content Calendar HubSpot



5 Tips for Broadcasting Hangouts On Air (HOAs)

HOA tips

via Ronnie Bincer for SiteSell Blog

I thought it was a good time to return to some Hangout basics as the Hangout platform continues to grow in popularity.

Google+ Hangouts are increasingly being used as the foundation video platform on third-party applications such as CrowdCast, BusinessHangouts etc.

Ronnie’s tips apply whether you’re doing a solo instructional video or a full-fledged broadcast with numerous people in the filmstrip. 

Here is my summary of Ronnie’s five pro tips that will help you broadcast like a “pro”.

1 Sound

It’s the most important component of a video. It’s best to use a separate mic from instead the built-in computer one.

Be sure to separate it from whatever speakers you use to avoid feedback and echo. (I use a Blue Yeti mic and ear plugs.)

2 Internet Connection

It’s always best not to rely solely on WiFi when broadcasting. Connect your computer to your modem with an ethernet cable to have the best video and sound quality. A strong WiFi signal will work in a pinch.

3 Eye Contact

The power of video lies in its ability to make personal connections.

That’s difficult to do if you’re always looking down at the others in the filmstrip.

I’ve done HOAs for years, and I still have to check myself numerous times during a broadcast to make sure I’m looking at the camera.
I like Ronnie’s pro tip to help train yourself to do that:

Pro Tip:

“Try resizing the HOA interface to be as small as you can and drag it upwards on your screen to get your eyes closer to the camera if you can’t stop “speaking to” the filmstrip.”

Another thing I’ve done is to draw a smiley face on a post-it note and stick it beside the camera, so I have a face to speak to.

4 Pinning

This is how we control what the viewers see.

The default for HOAs is to automatically switch the camera to wherever sound is coming from.

This is fine except when these sounds are from a phone ringing or a cat tossing up a hairball in the background.

One way to avoid this is to have everyone mute themselves unless they’re speaking.
Thee other way is for the host to control what the viewer sees by “pinning” the thumbnail they want featured.  

This overrides the auto setting. BUT the host must remember to unpin and pin when appropriate.

You “unpin” by clicking on someone else’s thumbnail or clicking again on the pinned one. (This reactivates the default auto-switching.)

5 Training and Practice

Learn the basics and practice.

There’s a lot of technical stuff going on in a HOA especially if you’re hosting.

I highly recommend your check out Ronnie’s All About Hangouts site for excellent resources.

To practice, open an unlisted HOA which is the same procedure as a regular one except you only invite yourself or someone you want to practice with.

It gets uploaded to YouTube as usual, and only you and who you invite have access to it.


How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website

How to embed HOA on website


In How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website, Ronnie shows us two methods to embed a HOA on our website:

  1. Embed Code from a SHOAE (Scheduled Hangout On Air Event)  – most popular method.
  2. Embed Code from a HOA started via YouTube Live Event manager

Ronnie also includes a cool tip for those who want to embed multiple HOAs on their website. (something I’m looking into.)

A Faster Way for Future HOA Embeds

Embed HOA YouTube code

“After you’ve created one HOA video embed on your site, you can copy that code to another page and just make one small edit to end up with the new embed code for another HOA video.

There is a unique set of 11 characters for every YouTube video.

It is part of the embed code as well as part of the YouTube video link.

Find it at the end of the Video’s URL or as part of the ‘full embed code’, copy it and replace the prior video embed code’s unique characters.

Take a look at the graphic above that shows the code and look at the highlighted characters. That’s the unique code you can copy and paste moving forward.”

As I get ready for a new season of the RayBunch show, I’m looking at different ways to distribute the show.

Given that it’s always best to build your house on your own property, broadcasting the show from my website may be the way to go.

What do you think?

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

if you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, here’s my email: ray@rayhiltz.com.

You can view past #RayBunch shows on my YouTube Channel. Many are on Soundcloud as audio podcasts. 

And can subscribe to this weekly newsletter here.


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  1. The Eric Enge comment is very much spot on. Google is getting much better at figuring out human engagement on page and using it as a ranking factor. I definitely see the effect on my own pages.

  2. Great information again Ray! Thanks for including the Insider – much appreciated! Yes, the A’s, but maybe we can find common ground with the Jays? : -)


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