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Age with mirth and laughter


Life moves forward and everything changes.

Change is big –  seasons, culture, technology.

Or it can be small – our growing waists and shrinking hairline. 

The only thing we control is how we deal with it.

We can let it gnaw at us, whining that things ain’t like they used to be or we can accept, even embrace change as an opportunity to learn.

We can enjoy the ride.

As I get older, my face becomes a topographic map of ridges and furrows.

I hope they reflect a life consumed not wasted. 

On to this week’s Marketing News:

VIDEO – 10 Steps to Host an Amazing Google Hangout with CrowdCast

GMAIL Tips –  15 Hidden Gmail Tips and Tricks

Social Media  7 Things You Should Know Before Humanizing Your Brand

SEO – How Much Keyword Repetition is Optimal – Whiteboard Friday

Local SEO – The Definitive Guide


VIDEO – CrowdCast


I’ve heard a lot about this new broadcast/webinar platform lately and gave it a test spin this week with some of my #RayBunch gang.

CrowdCast is a Hangout On Air wrapper meaning it uses Google+ HOAs as the video platform from which it adds its features like

  1. Questions
  2. Polling
  3. Chat

Here’s a demonstration video from CrowdCast:




Easy to view on Mobile – all features are clearly seen.

Viewers can access the event from Facebook and Twitter as well as Google+ – don’t need a Google account. 

Very interactive which doesn’t end when the video ends.

Includes 3 engagement opportunities:

Questions – can be submitted before and during a show.

When the host answers a question it is time stamped so when you watch the replay and click on the answered question, you’ll be taken to that point in the video. People can also add comments to the questions.

Polls – The host can create a poll that views will answer. This can provide more insight context for the show.

Chat – A live chat sidebar provides everyone in attendance the opportunity to respond and communicate with each other. This is much like the comment stream in the G+ Event page.


You can create paid events by requiring viewers to pay when they register.

You get all the regular SEO benefits from hosting a Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA)

With the PRO version, you have access to detailed analytics. 

You can embed the screen cast on your website and invite your community to view it there. The embed includes identical features as those on the CrowdCast site. 

One event can hold multiple sessions.

This is good for multi-day web conferences or a broadcast series like the RayBunch show.

You only need to create one event then add additional sessions as needed.

The app works within the HOA environment much like the Hangout Toolbox app.

Here’s a helpful video from Rayne Dowell:


How To Open & Navigate the CrowdCst App While In An HOA or YouTube Live Event

CrowdCast is easy to use with multiple video sources, even Blab. (another time :-))

If you want to look into CrowdCast more, check out their Google+ Community.

If you’re interested in hosting a Google Hangout Event using CrowdCast, check out this helpful article: 10 Steps to Host an Amazing Google Hangout with CrowdCast

I’ll be writing more about CrowdCast as we continue to experiment.



Gmail icon


15 Hidden Gmail Tips and Tricks

by Daniel Futerman

For what started as a pretty basic email service, Gmail has quickly become the email provider of choice for not only Google-heads but ex “Outlookers.” 

There are over 900 million users as of May 2015.

I’m using Google “Inbox” more often but still rely on Gmail for my in-depth correspondence. Inbox is great at eliminating the less urgent mail.

David Futerman has published a valuable guide for getting more out of your Gmail than you think is possible.

Organized into categories, he shares tips for keyboard shortcuts and setting up labels and filters to adding signatures, responders and adding a few Gmail lab features like “Unsend and “Mark as read”.


Gmail filters


Social Media

7 Things You Should Know Before Humanizing Your Brand

by Bryan Kramer

Humanize your brand

Bryan Kramer wrote: “Human to Human: #H2H“.

It’s one of those titles that could come off as a bit trite – of course; we sell to humans – don’t we?

I’m a big proponent of letting the light shine on your competitive advantage – YOU.

To do that, you have to act with empathy, respect and openness to those people you’re reaching out to.

This is a focus I have on the return of our weekly show this fall. Marketing for humans by humans. 

I don’t mean to exclude any extraterrestrials.

In this article, Bryan helps us set the stage for becoming more human by becoming more relatable.

1. Begin from the Inside Out – Company Culture

2. Make Your Brand’s Tone Approachable, Personal, and Engaging

3. Focus Less on Sales and More on Resources

4. Keep an Active Blog

5. Showcase Your Community Manager

6. Apologize and Saying “Thank You.”

7. Be Available



How Much Keyword Repetition is Optimal – Whiteboard Friday


If you’re not using the Yoast Wordpress Plugin, you might want to pay attention to Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday as keyword repetition.

There’s many details here, all worth checking out.

Rand points out that at a minimum, this most important rule applies to 95% of pages:


Keyword rule SEO




Local SEO

Local SEO Definitive guide


Local SEO Contents

As you can see from the Table of Contents, this is an extensive guide to Local SEO from The Site Edge.

As they state in the article, the guide is tailored to

“…local business owners that want to try to do the basics themselves or agencies that have clients in need of local search services…

this tends to be focused on brick and mortar businesses that already have somewhat of a presence on the web, but need that boost to be in prime position in the Google SERPs.”


Google Hangout News

One last announcement.

Today, Google released the desktop version of Hangouts. Google Hangouts for The web 

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on my screen:

Google Hangouts Web


I like this move as Google continues to spin-off Google+ properties. As  says in this article:

This new take on Hangouts, however, does have a few benefits over the integrated tool.

First and foremost, you’ll enjoy a better UI and UX. The layout of Hangouts for Web was very well done… making it easier to use than the original tool. You will also gain much more obvious access to Hangout’s settings.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

That’s it for this week.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see included here.

If you have a question or want to reach out to me privately, here’s my email: ray@rayhiltz.com.

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