Self-Employment | Who is the Boss of You?

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Self-Employment | Who is the Boss of you
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Self-Employment: How Hard Can It Be?

Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss?

One of the effects of 2008 financial crisis –  besides us bailing out those that caused it, was that we found ourselves without jobs.

The only recourse was to make our own.

We turned hobbies into businesses – be it woodworking, technology or astrology readings. 

With extra time on our hands, a lot of us began playing on Facebook. Enough of us played on it and Twitter that we climbed aboard the Social Media bandwagon and became instant social media consultants. 

Never was the saying “Fake it until you make it more taken to heart.

Unfortunately, many didn’t make it.



My story:

Self-employment, I soon learned, is not for the faint of heart.

Caught up in the hype and hope of social media, I founded NewRayCom in 2010.

I previously had a solid business background in restaurant, and performing arts management.  It was obvious I needed to brush up on my marketing skills.
My experience up to that point was that of someone who hired marketers, not being one.

It was a steep learning curve that I had to climb at the same time I worked to find clients and build my reputation.
First thing I learned from being my own boss?

I sucked.

Though a good people manager, I wasn’t as effective as a “Ray” manager.
Distractions and over thinking wasted 25% of my time until I focused not only on my work, but on my self-management skills.

That took time – lots of it.
As much as freedom is as a major advantage of being self-employed, it a double-edged sword.

it also means freedom from benefits, weekends off and holidays – at least until you get to a certain income level.




How hard can it be? – Very hard.

As much as freedom is a major advantage of being self-employed, it a double-edged sword.

It also means freedom from benefits, weekends off and holidays – at least until you get to a certain income level.

Another question we looked at was that of the difference between being a “freelancer” and an “entrepreneur”.

What do you consider yourself to be?

To help you, here are a few distinctions made from: Self-employmentIs self-employment right for you?

The self-employed typically:

 – sell similar services they did when employed with a company

 – make low-risk decisions that ensure short-term security;

– manage all aspects of their business from advertising to accounting.

 – possess core business skills;

 – have little or no intention of selling their business.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand:

Develop a business around something new.

make high-risk decisions 

delegate management to experts, 

take a visionary approach and are highly responsive to changing circumstances

Love to move to something new so aims to generate buyer interest


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