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Anyone who’s read an online blog article has certainly come across social media share buttons.

Mari Smith, my Facebook guru, in this latest episode of Social Media Examiner TV, gives bloggers 8 Ways to Use Social Share Buttons on Your Blog.

In this video, Mari recommends which social share buttons that you should have on your blog to make it super easy for your readers to share content on any of their social networking profiles e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As someone who has many social media agnostics as friends, this also is a very good way to understand what happens when you click on that little button.

Did you know that when you clicked on a Facebook “Like” button that your action will appear on your personal Facebook profile wall?  Well, it does. Which is why brands want you to like them, really, really like them.

Recommended share buttons:

Tweet Meme – A WordPress plugin and Twitter Button – Twitter version


Facebook “like” and “share” buttons. – 0111ms-facebook-like-buttonClicking the like button sends a message to your Facebook wall that you liked this post. Some versions allow a short comment.  The “share” button opens a new window that looks very much like your status update field in Facebook. You can then leave a comment above the link to the post.  I use this quite often.

The LinkedIn “share” button which behaves much the same way as the Facebook one.


Digg Digg is a multi platform share WordPress plugin that you can populate with whichever icons you like. It can be customized to appear vertically or horizontally. It can also float – appearing even as you scroll down the article.

digg digg

Sexy Bookmarks – You’ll see this plugin at the bottom of this post.  As you pass your mouse over any of the icons, they pop up.  And by clicking on one, you can share me (this) with all of your friends and followers.  Go ahead, try it Smile .

You can chose up to 85 different platforms – not recommended.  I have nine.


Wibya is another plugin that I have installed. You’ll see it at the very bottom of this page. What’s cool about this plugin is that you can access any of my profiles without leaving this page. And I really don’t want you to leave.  If there was a plugin for a cup of tea and some cookies, I’d install that too.

Do you have a favourite social media share button that we’ve missed?

8 Ways to Use Social Share Buttons on Your Blog

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5 Responses to “Sharing is Caring – Social Media Share Buttons”

  1. Anonymous

    I agree, sharing is important, I’ve been planning on implementing sharing links, like icons or sexybookmarks on my blog. Actually I think sexybookmarks are more interactive.

    • I really enjoy Sexybookmarks. depending on your blog platform, Digg Digg is cool too. The advantage is that it always stays in sight even while you scroll down the page. This is good as most people scan and don’t read a whole blog so you want them to be able to share as easy as possible.


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