Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

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This gun for hire

So what do do?

If you want to be present on social media (and you should be), then how do you find the time necessary to make a plan, learn the tools, monitor the progress and, oh yeah, create valuable and compelling content?


But not all of it and not before you find yourself a social media consultant to guide you through what you should and shouldn’t outsource. (Did I give you my card? 😉 )

The question of authenticity always comes up – as it should. Writing and replying to comments on  blogs and Facebook Pages, twitter conversations and LinkedIn networking needs to be done by you. But even these tasks can be made more time friendly by outsourcing some aspects of them.

What you can outsource: The “techie” stuff

– Social media profile page designs and set ups – Twitter backgrounds, Facebook tabs

– Automated Twitter status updates – automatically sync your new blog posts

– Post valuable information and links but since these represent more “broadcasting” types of updates, keep them to a smaller percentage of your overall posts.

– Use third party applications like Twellow to manage Twitter followers.

– Even blogs can be somewhat automated by outsourcing the research and formatting elements.  Then all you have to do is fill in the rest of the page with your personality. Simple, right?

What you can’t outsource – Conversation!


You automate everything but the part where you interact and engage with people.

Automate the impersonal technical tasks, but spend 10-15 minutes two to three times throughout the day checking your Twitter and Facebook feeds, retweeting, sharing, replying to what people are putting out there and having conversations.


According to Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Report 2011, 58% of marketers use social  media 6 hours or more a week while almost a third (34%) use it 11 hours or more.

So yes, social media takes time.


My advice: outsource the stuff that isn’t personal. Spend your valuable time on connecting with your followers.

It’ll be time very well invested.


What’s your thoughts on outsourcing?

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