Social Media: Bigger than God?

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Sometimes I worry that I’m becoming a social media “Church Lady”.   You know, just a weeee bit self rightous and a lot judgemental.

It has become evident as I watch my stats flatline and my friends run for the hills when I ask them what they think of my latest blog post, that not everyone shares my “faith”.

Perhaps it’s time to step back and get some perspective. We social media fundamentalists have to get a grip. Deflate the hybole a bit.

When I see a heading that claims that social media is “The biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution” , I expect someone to pass around the Kool-Aid punch.

The hype is not lost on people who just want to tweet their friends or update their choice of shampoo on Face Book walls.

Nor is it lost on those foursquare dancers who do-si-doe about town, collecting badges and leaving behind trails of tweet crumbs – It just adds to their cynicism!

I realized recently that I have focussed my time almost entirely on following stats, tips and strategies; on reading “laundry lists of how to’s and wondering what would “Brogan” do?

As someone who advises others on the benefits of social media in their marketing campaigns, I have come across many businesses who are anxious to use the tools without knowing what they want to build. It’s my job as a consultant to quide them.

I do so because I see myself as a social media evangelist. I’m passionate about the role it plays and will continue to play in our lives.  But it is also important to remember that social media, as it relates to marketing especially, is so new that we are all on a journey of faith.

We have to be careful not to be too smug. We can’t assume that everyone cares about social media as much as we do.  And ultimately, as Brian Cormier says in his recent blog – remember the SOCIAL in social media
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