Is Cupid Stalking Social Media? Taking Relationships to Another Level

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Social Media Relationships Valentine Day #RayLunchBunch

Is Cupid Stalking Social Media?

With apparently so little love in the world, where’ s a chubby naked mini god to go?

It’s no secret that we overshare on social media. 
Facebook friends of friends, know what we like to eat, where we go on vacation and what character in Game of Thrones we would be.

This can create a sense of intimacy that wouldn’t exist if we happened to meet “old school” like a bar or church social.

“The new singles are bypassing this problematic first contact with the help of social networking sites. By the time they actually meet, the hard work is done. The only thing to discover is if they fancy each other.” from Can you really find love on social media? 

But is it too much too fast?

Is knowing so much about a person before you meet them in real life setting us up for a big disappoint when they come knocking at the door. 
Or, like living together in sin before we get married, is it better to know before we put a ring on it?

“The study, which drew from a representative sample of Americans who were married between 2005 and 2012, also found that 7 percent of people found love through social media sites.” – Love Connection: Facebook Gets Credit for Lasting Marriages  


Can social media ruin your love life?

“The problem with falling in love with someone’s two-dimensional Facebook profile is that you never know what lies beyond that sparkling smile in front of the Taj Mahal. After all, his photos might just be the most exciting thing about him. And why is he always traveling by himself?” – 

In this Valentine’s Day special, the #RayLunchBunch got romantic. (not with each other) We shared stories and gossip about social media match ups.

Watch the live show above  (or video replay) and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Time Stamp: 

00:14 Ray Hiltz:

Intro: Have you or someone you know, started a personal relationship on Social media that led to a permanent relationship in real life? 

01:04 B.L. Ochman:

Not my significant other, but many good friends. 

01:36 Jessica Dewell :

I met my husband when he fixed my computer. Does that count? 

02:15 Randy Bowden:

I didn’t meet my significant other online but know a few people who have: Tom Webster and his wife, Mallie Hart and her husband. The Lunch Bunch is a good example of people meeting online and developing a strong friendship. 

03:32 Scott Scowcroft :

In my dreams! But a couple well known to Google+ friends. Maggie and Christopher met on Google+ and are having a pre marriage HOA. 

04:25 Ray

Advantage to meeting on social media is you have wealth of information at your finger tips about the other person. 

05:04 Randy:

Being able to do a background check your lose the process of intimacy building 

05:51 Jess:

It only takes one fifth of a second to fall in love with someone when you actually hold eye contact. Different type of intimacy than meeting someone in person. 

07:04 Randy:

Social media vs dating sites –

“One girl I graduated high school with said she met her husband though E-Harmony… her daughter told her it was the best $39 she ever spent.”

Dating services are fast track version of finding then dating someone online through social media. 

08:16 Randy;

Met people online who when meeting in real life are genuine true relationships. Only difference is whether they’re taller or shorter than I’d imagined.:

Lunch Bunch 66 Deborah Rock


9:55 B.L.:

Disagree. When you meet people, the first thing you see is what people look like and people make judgements immediately. 

10:43 Jess:

Cynicism. Meeting and establishing relationships with people online doesn’t have the same level of intimacy and therefore trust than knowing someone for a period in real life. 

12:06 Ray:

Does meeting people online result in many long distance relationships? 

12:13 B.L..:

Know someone who lives in New York and started a relationship with somebody in Australia. Happily married for 10 years. Dating sites and social media not the same thing. 

13:05 Randy:

Online scams due to misrepresentation. 

Know this guy who met someone online and before they had ever met in person they announced a wedding. It was a scam. 

People are trolling Facebook to hook up. 

Lunch Bunch 66 Missy Jay


15:09 Ray:

Are there pitfalls to having relationships on Social media? 

15:59 Scott :

Are we holding social media to a higher standard than real life? Click To Tweet

16:53 Randy:

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you can run down to your department store, buy a nice suit, hide your crappy car around the corner and meet someone in a restaurant acting like your the wealthiest guy in the world. 

17:35 B.L.:

You can’t take people at face value pretty much anywhere. 

18:25 Jess

We have a different type of communication online because there’s so much to read between the lines. 

21:16 Scott:

There’s a skill involved in conducting yourself online, be it social media or texting. If someone younger didn’t have a smartphone or didn’t possess those skills, they’d be at a disadvantage in creating relationships. 

23:20 Ray:

Is having so many opportunities to hook up online through social media, texting, chat apps etc a challenge to forming relationships? 

23:38 Randy:

Not to those growing up with the technology 

23:58 Ray:  Online IS real life.Lunch Bunch 66 Christine Bowen




 Lunch Bunch Take out





(25:45) via B.L. Ochman – The Boston YETI – I fell in love the minute I saw Boston Yeti on Twitter. Dresses up in Yeti costume and digs people’s cars out.

Boston Yeti


(26:37 ) via Jessica Dewell “Cupig” Book and song about Cupig, who couldn’t shoot arrows, but boy that pig could dance!



(27:08 ) via Randy Bowden – – The Music Social Network. Great place to meet people with similar taste in music.


(29:44) via Scott Scowcroft – Brylcreem TV Commercial 1950’s  Just check out how we did it in the “good ol’ days”



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