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Google+ Lunch Hangout Sept 24

How do we get the Google Plus curious to being Committed?

(Please no jokes that if you’re on Google Plus you should be committed…)

We tackled big topics over the last few weeks on our weekly Tuesday Google+ Tips & Topics Lunch Hangout On Air: personal branding, online engagement and the changing definition of marketing.

This week, I thought it would be fun to share our experiences using Google Plus with those who are curious about the platform and who may have already put a toe in the water.


What shortcuts do we use?

What tips can we share to make it more efficient?

Why is it worth climbing the steep learning curve?

Great ideas and tips sprouted forth from the marketing and business experts on the panel:

David F “SmallBizDavid” Leopold, Randy Bowden, Bill Vick, David Schwartz and Scott Scowcroft.


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